Sony Will Not Continue PlayStation Handheld Line

When Sony first got into the handheld market, they made a massive splash. Previously, Nintendo was the dominant force in the marketplace. With their line of Game Boy consoles that eventually evolved into the DS lineup, there was essentially a monopoly. Also during the time, there was a big rivalry between the three big names in gaming, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. After several years of owning the mobile marketplace for hardcore gamers, Sony decided to throw their hat into the ring.

Sony delivered out the PlayStation Portable. A handheld gaming device that offered graphics that was a step above the original PlayStation, a large library of video games along with a means to either enjoy movies or music. It became a hit and a useful device for an assortment of entertainment needs. 

With the success of the PSP, there wasn’t too much of a concern on whether or not Sony would come back with a successor. When the Sony PlayStation Vita was announced, it came with a big graphical boost, the same media support among a few new welcomed changes like dual analog sticks. Of course, with that said, the PS Vita also came into a period where more people had smartphones and tablets. As a result, gaming on-the-go was usually catering to those with a smartphone.

Now the PS Vita was looked down upon and most avoided the platform altogether. This meant that sales were down, the support dried up and eventually production ceased. Several comments looked as if Sony was giving up on the mobile market and recently we got another comment from a Game Informer interview. Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has stated that they are no longer in that business to continue the mobile market platform.

This makes sense as there wasn’t enough interest for the PlayStation Vita to warrant the need for a successor. It wasn’t the case of bad hardware or poorly executed marketing, it was simply the cause of a new time. People are using their smartphone to enjoy some great video game titles.

Source: IGN