Red Dead Redemption 2: 24 Weird Tips & Tricks PC Players Need To Know

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredibly ambitious game. It has systems stacked on top of systems, and one of the most complex control schemes you’ll ever use. There are so many features, tidbits, options, and settings you might not even know everything by the time you complete the 50 hour story campaign.

Even after a year of playing through this astonishing game, there are still details I’ve only just learned about. Here, we’re going to go through 24 of the most important tips a new player needs to know. There’s a lot to learn, so I’ll try to keep each entry as succinct as possible. Load your revolvers and saddle up, here’s a few tips to help you become a true outlaw of the old west.

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#1: Unlock the Buck Antler Trinket ASAP to earn better quality animals — when equipped, Good Quality pelts will become Perfect Quality pelts. Go to the area west of Big Valley in West Elizabeth until you find a legendary elk marker on your map. Hunt the beast and sell the Legendary Antler to a Fence or Trapper to unlock the trinket for sale.

#2: A quick burst of Dead Eye will automatically reload all of your guns. No lengthy reload animation required.

#3: You can get a white horse, one of the best in the game, by exploring Lake Isabella at night. Saddle the horse and you’ll have an amazing companion for the entire game. And it’s totally free.

#4: There’s a way to easily rob trains for tons of cash. Go to a train stop and buy a ticket to a train that crosses the huge bridge on the map. Time your robbery so you stop the train on the bridge itself — that way no lawmen can interrupt, and no witnesses can escape.

#5: Double-tap the weapon radial menu button to perform a gun trick while holstering your revolver. Make the town ladies swoon!

#6: Place a waypoint marker, then enter Cinematic Mode and double-tap trot to automatically travel to your destination. This only works on roads, and you can still be ambushed. But this makes travelling long distances a lot easier.