Red Dead Redemption 2: 24 Weird Tips & Tricks PC Players Need To Know

#13: Buy Explosive Rounds to blow open locks. Explosive Rounds on your weapons work just like dynamite, and are far less dangerous to use.

#14: Dynamite Arrows are ridiculously fun. You’ll find the recipe sold by a Fence. Fences sell some of the most interesting and fun upgrades in the game, so check them often.

#15: You can drop onto your horse and make a stunning getaway from above! If you’re in a second floor bar-fight, you can mount your horse by jumping down onto it.

#16: Keep a fresh stock of food by shooting any game you see while travelling between missions. Small game is especially good, and it doesn’t matter the quality. Just make sure to stop and cook the meat before it goes bad.

#17: Donate Perfect Pelts to your camp for cash, upgrades, and crafting materials. You’ll get everything all at once.

#18: Doing chores at your gang camp will permanently increase your stats. Look for a black dot on the mini-map — that’s where you’ll find chores. There’s are new chores to complete every 24 in-game hours.