Red Dead Redemption 2: 24 Weird Tips & Tricks PC Players Need To Know

#7: There is a fast-travel method. It’s incredibly easy to miss, and is only available in the gang camp. In Chapter 2, unlock the Ledger and buy Lodgings Upgrades, Dutch’s Tent Upgrade, and Arthur’s Tent Upgrade. You can now access a fast-travel map!

#8: Manual Save often! Pause to find the Manual Save option. While the game autosaves often, things can go wrong just as often — if your horse dies during a train ride, it’s best to reload a manual save.

#9: Grizzlies will back down from a fight if you stand your ground. Just don’t shoot them first. Stand still, and most of the time, even if they’re charging, they’ll back down.

#10: Hide in bushes and your minimap marker will turn gray. That means you’re hidden from all enemies — even passing bounty hunters.

#11: The Bow is useful for ranged stealth kills. You can also stealth kill enemies up-close with it equipped.

#12: The Bow is an amazing way to catch fish. Stand on the shore and use Dead Eye to target fish. Just shoot them instead of wasting time with the fishing rod. The Bow doesn’t degrade the quality of the fish.