Call of Duty: Mobile – How To Earn Credits When You’re A F2P Player | Cash Guide

Credits are your main resource as a F2P player in Call of Duty: Mobile, even if it’s going to take some time and patience to earn that sweet cash. There are lots of ways to earn credits in-game without spending real-world money on microtransactions, it just requires a whole lot of playing. Below, I’m going to talk about the different methods to earn cash, how much you can earn, and how to earn a little bit more.

There are two types of in-game currencies in Call of Duty: Mobile — credits and COD points. Credits you can earn by completing activities, but COD points can only be purchased. Thankfully, you can still purchase almost everything with credits; loot crates, weapon upgrades, and even name change tokens. You can play and enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile with just credits.

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How To Earn Credits In F2P | Cash Guide

Credits are the main resource you’ll earn in Call of Duty: Mobile. With credits, you can purchase new guns, gun upgrades, name change tokens, or take your chance with a loot crate. Personally, I don’t think the loot crates are worth it — just save your cash for the weapons you absolutely want and buy those.

There are five main ways you’ll be earning credits in Call of Duty: Mobile. To make the most of out your game, you’ll want to login daily, complete the 2 Daily Tasks and 5 Weekly Tasks, rank up to higher tiers on the Battle Pass, demolish items you don’t want in your inventory, and watch Ads or participate in Promotions for small, quick credit bonuses.

  • How TO Earn Credits In F2P:
    • Daily Login Rewards [500 per week]
    • Complete Daily / Weekly Tasks [Make Sure To Claim Tasks!]
    • Rank Up In The Free Battle Pass To Earn More [4,000~ Total]
    • Demolish Unwanted Items In Your Inventory As You Progress
    • Watch Ads / Promotions To Earn Any Extra You Might Need

The more you level up, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn credits. It can take a lot of time before you’ll earn those Purple items at the top of the list — like, about 8 weeks of consistent gameplay — but it is possible to unlock the best stuff, even if you’re a F2Player.

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