Mortal Kombat 11: Nightwolf DLC – Fatality Inputs, Brutality, Costumes & Everything You Need To Know

Nightwolf is practically an entirely different character in MK11, but this returning hero that first appeared in Mortal Kombat 3 keeps a few of his classic quirks. He can still reflect projectiles, and while he might’ve lost his Animality, he can still summon the spirits of animals to fight alongside him — notably, a wolf and a giant bear.

It’s not a huge surprise, but Nightwolf doesn’t feature nearly as many Easter eggs as Shang Tsung, the original villain of the series. No, Nightwolf is all about representing this character in an updated context, meaning his entire backstory has been refined — now, he worked with Kano, taking a brief villainous turn before being reborn as Nightwolf. His entire story has been updated, and you can learn all about it in the informative video above. Now let’s get into a few of the specific things that make Nightwolf special.

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Nightwolf DLC – Fatality Inputs, Brutality, Costumes & Everything You Need To Know

Nightwolf, an Earthrealm Shaman with the power to summon spirit animals — specifically, a nimble wolf and a massive bear — is both a classic character’s return and reintroduction. Some of Nightwolf’s old attacks return, and others have been altered significantly.

How To Perform Nightwolf’s Second Fatality:

  • Komo-tose (Close): Down, Down, Down, 4 [Circle / B]

Nightwolf can also use the Reflector Special Move he had all the way back in Mortal Kombat 3. Down, Left, 1 [Square / X] unleashes a shield that protects Nightwolf from all projectile attacks. It only works on attacks that are listed as ‘Projectile’ in the moves list, so it helps to get acquainted with everything you can. By holding down [1] you can keep the shield up for longer.

You can unlock Nightwolf’s second costume by completing his Training Course. Complete it again to get even more rewards — Nightwolf doesn’t have nearly as many secrets and Easter eggs as Shang Tsung, the first real DLC character in MK11, but he’s still awesome. This is easily the most complete version of the character, and one that’s worth spending time learning.

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