Dead Island 2 Still In Development According To THQ Nordic

Dead Island released back in 2011 the video game focused on players surviving while stuck on an infected island full of the undead. It was melee intense action RPG video game title that was generally well-received. Enough positive feedback and consumers were jumping on the video game to allow this franchise to experience a longer life with additional video game titles. One of those video game titles that gamers were anticipated for a release was Dead Island 2 but after its initial reveal back in 2014, the video game has yet to make its way into the market.

After years of waiting the game is confirmed to still be in development after a financial report from THQ Nordic. This is not anything new as the game continues to get updated to the media and public but only to be told that the game is still in development. Nothing has been unveiled so we don’t know if the premise or anything else, in particular, has been tweaked from its initial announcement or the first installment.

We do know that Dambuster is now heading the development of the game, which again, this game has been exchanged from a few different studios so it’s unknown if Dambuster can bring out the sequel or if it will once again get tossed to another studio.

For now, there’s no release date or any new trailers regarding the game so we’re waiting on something more tangible from this game, but if you’re a fan of the series and want a sequel to release on current platforms, you’re not out of luck yet.

Source: IGN