Hitman 2: New York – All Correct ‘Job Interview’ Answers | Mission Story Guide

In the first massive add-on for Hitman 2, Agent 47 is assigned on a bank job. You’ll be able to explore the heavily-fortified secret society bank with a variety of costumes — but it isn’t easy accessing the top floor where your assassination target resides in her secure office. One of the simplest ways to reach her is through ‘The Job Interview’, one of the five Mission Stories for the New York location.

Most Mission Stories explain every detail you need, but this one leaves one major puzzle out of the equation. In this story, you take the place of a prospect in the final stages of an interview. Depending on how you answer the questions at the job interview stage, you’ll get one of two jobs. One job only gives you access to the first two floors, but the best job gets you into the top floor. If you’re looking to mingle with the executives, here’s how to solve ‘The Job Interview’ puzzle and pick all three correct answers.

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How To Get The Best Job Possible Job | The Job Interview Guide

To get the best job available — which is the Investment Banker job in ‘The Golden Handshake’, you need to select ‘The Job Interview’ mission story. Find the guy in the green vest, he’s in the Waiting Area restroom. You can take his place and enter an interview office.

Depending on your answers, you’ll get one of two different jobs — Investment Banker or Auditor. The Investment Banker has access to the Third Floor, while the Investment Banker only has access to the first two floors of the bank.

In the job interview, you have to answer three questions correctly. If you answer right, you’ll get the Investment Banker position. If you answer any of the questions ‘wrong’, you’ll get the lesser Auditor job with less access.

Answer the Interview questions in this order:

  • Question #1: Opportunity = Hawk (Middle)
  • Question #2: Execution = Hitman (Left)
  • Question #3: Prosperity = Piles Of Money (Right)

Answer in that order, and you’ll get the best job available. Now you can freely go upstairs without a different outfit. Nobody will recognize you, because you’re new. There are lots of things you can do in the upstairs area.

You can use Athena Savalas’ computer and change her meeting schedule, bringing all three of the mission targets together to one place. Or, you disable the wifi and assassinate the target in her secret room. Having easy access to the third floor and make earning a high ranking easier, and it’s just a cool trick to pull.