Hitman 2: New York – How To Enter The Vault |Heist Guide

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Pull off the perfect heist in Hitman 2 with these quick steps, explaining how to unlock the massive Vault in the new New York location. This first major DLC sends Agent 47 into a fortified bank, with layers of security and dozens of armed guards. You can either hunt down and knock out three separate civilians, practically guaranteeing a bad score, or you can sneak open the basement vault. It’s a lot more complicated than it looks.

First of all, you can’t simply walk up to the vault. You need special clearance and a keycard. The vault itself is locked by an external security measure that’s located in a room full of guards. You’ll have to unlock the gates, reach the security room, unlock the vault locks, then use the switch that actually opens the vault in a different location. There are lots of minute details you can use — like a lazy IT Department, or a malfunctioning air conditioner. Get all the details in my full guide below.

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How To Enter The Vault |Heist Guide

If you enter the Vault in the Bank, you won’t have to hunt down all three data drives — instead, you can collect the data core and leave the area, putting yourself at less risk. Unfortunately, entering the Vault is very, very difficult.

Step #1: Finding The Vault

The Vault is located downstairs in the underground of the Bank. You can enter this area in your standard Suit, but you need to get frisked by the guards. Ahead, there is a locked door that requires a High Security Key Card.

While you’re in the underground, enter the restricted around door and sneak to the sleeping guard in the chair. He has the Money Transport Key. You’ll need this for later.

Step #2: Preparations

You’ll need three items before entering the Vault area — a Security Keycard, a Crowbar, and Emetic Poison.

Crowbar: You can easily acquire a crowbar in the waiting area on the second floor, past the guard that frisks you. It’s next to the janitor fixing the broken vending machine.

Security Keycard: This one is tougher. You can get it from any High Security Guard, or you can find it in two locations — on the desk of the CEO’s Secretary, or in the second floor security room. It’s possible to sneak to the CEO Secretary’s desk and steal the key in your suit — just sneak through the Waiting Area, upstairs, and to the third floor stairwell. Climb up to the left using the boxes, and use a distraction to steal the card.

NOTE: For an easy High Security Uniform and Security Keycard, sneak into the IT Department and disable the Vault Security switch. A guard will come to check. Knock him out and hide him in the back room.

Emetic Poison: You can bring this with you, or you can find it in most of the locked Janitor Closets — there’s some in the closet next to the IT Room in the basement.

Once you have all three items, you can break into the Vault.

Step #3: Opening The Vault

Take note of the Vault Security Room, the Garage, and the IT Room before getting started. Sneak behind the Vault Security Room and enter the Garage — spike the air conditioner with poison, then activate the air conditioner panel on the back door of the security room.

The room will fill with poison and cause all the guards to clear out. They’re sick, giving you time to do everything you need. When the coast is clear, sneak to the IT Room and disable the Vault Security switch. The Security Room is clear, so nobody will come and turn it off.

Now, return to the Vault and use the Crowbar to open the switch container. Hit the switch, and you’ll be inside the Vault, finally!

NOTE: Alternatively, you can use Sedative on the Air Conditioner and knock out all the guards in the security room. If they’re all knocked out, you can collect the Deposit Master Key, open the locker in the room and collect the Vault Keycard. Use it on the podium to unlock the main vault switch. There’s a Chloroform Flask located in the wall-mounted locked box right next to the air conditioner button.

You can also delete any security console footage while the security room is clear. So don’t worry about getting caught on camera.

Step #4: Escape

Sneak into the vault, and wait for the laser lights to flash. Just time your movements and crouch to get through. In the back, you’ll find the Data Core.

NOTE: If you knock out all the guards with Sedative, you can use the Vault Keycard to disable the laser security system.

It’s as big as a briefcase, so you can’t carry it around the level with you. The best escape route is through the Money Transport Truck. Sneak to the garage, and use the Money Transport Key lifted from the sleeping guard in the vault to easily escape.