Rage 2: All Ecopods Locations Guide | Hidden Achievements / Trophies Guide

EcoPods are massive space-structures that have crash-landed across the Rage 2 wasteland. These edifices to the past are great locations to visit — because they’re full of easy-to-grab Ark chests and other goodies. They’re spectacularly huge, so you’ll be able to see them from the far distance pretty easily, and each one has a unique achievement / trophy associated with their discovery.

To make this task even easier, you can acquire the flying vehicle when you reach Level 4 with your mechanic. Not too difficult if you’ve been clearing out bandit camps, blasting convoys, and collecting every item in sight.

Scroll down to find a map showing all the ecopod locations. Finding them all will earn you the three achievements / trophies ‘Forlorn Watcher’, ‘Reaching Out To The Past’, and ‘ The Bowels of a Rust Giant’.

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All Ecopods Locations Guide | Hidden Achievements / Trophies Guide

There are three major ecopods players can discover in Rage 2. These massive crashed space modules contain multiple easy-to-find Ark Chests, and you’ll earn an achievement / trophy for each ecopod you discover.

Ecopods can be explored at any time. Just visit the locations marked on the map below, and you’ll earn an achievement / trophy.

  • Reaching Out To The Past (Wilds Ecopod)
  • Forlorn Watcher (Broken Tract Ecopod)
  • The Bowels of a Rust Giant (Dune Sea Ecopod)

Ecopods are massive space-station structures, so you’ll see them from a good distance. You’ll need to explore the area underneath the pod to actually pop the achievement / trophy, so just wander around and collect Ark chests, you’ll eventually get each one.