Red Dead Online: How To Instantly Swap Morality With This Unique Vendor | Honor Guide

Red Dead Online has a morality system, just like the main story in Red Dead Redemption 2. But, morality has a much greater effect on your gameplay — depending on your morality (honorable or dishonorable) you’ll unlock completely separate story paths. These are unique missions, with cutscenes and choices, and you won’t want to miss them. Unfortunately, it takes a really long time to raise your morality or lower it. That’s where a very special NPC comes into play.

Located north of Blackwater, you’ll find a marker for Old Man Jones. This mysterious character has the power to swap your morality for a modest fee. It’s an instantaneous process, and gives you access to an entirely different story mode. Early in Red Dead Online, you’ll reach a splinter point — you’ll either take on the Gunslinger Story Path (Honorable) or the Outlaw Story Path (Dishonorable). Both are perfectly valid, but they’re completely separate. And if you’re looking to change your morales without a lot of fuss, this is your best bet. Learn more in the full guide below.

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How To Instantly Swap Morality With This Unique Vendor | Honor Guide


To instantly switch from Honorable to Dishonorable, or vice versa, you simply need to visit Old Man Jones. This unique NPC will switch your current morality instantly for a steep fee. Find him on the map, west of Riggs Station, between Valentine and Strawberry.

  • NOTE: Old Man Jones moves around! Check to find his latest location on your map.

Approach Old Man Jones, and you’ll be able to switch your morality. This process costs 3 Gold Bars. That’s a steep price early in the game. Gold Bars are the Premium Currency in RDO, using them allows you to skip Rank Requirements and instantly unlock clothing items, weapons, and gear like the fishing rod.

You can earn Gold Bars by completing main story missions, completing milestones, or finding locked box locations marked by treasure maps. Treasure maps are earned at certain ranks, and sent to you by post. You can also find random treasure maps dropped by Outlaw Camp leaders.

As stated above, there’s only one real reason you’ll want to swap morality — it lets you play through locked story missions. The story branches into two narratives — Gunslinger and Outlaw. Each gets different missions, and completing them at your map markers is important if you want to earn the full reward. Playing through these missions early or through the Quick Play Lobby system won’t get you full cash or XP rewards.

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