Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Summon The UFO | Easter Egg Guide

Aliens exist in Red Dead Redemption 2, and finding them can be a real pain. Normally, you’ll have to explore the extreme corners of the map to catch of glimpse of the flying saucer Easter egg, but there’s another (better) way to summon the aliens from the sky. It just involves a quick trip to a spooky cult’s mass suicide. Yes, really.

As if RDR2 wasn’t weird enough. There are sasquatches, vampires, inbred mutants — and now extraterrestrials. You can actually summon the alien craft as early as Chapter 2, but you’ll only be able to catch a very quick glimpse. Move fast, or you might miss the aliens. Too bad they won’t abduct you.

This isn’t just a bunch of shiny lights in the sky, either. This is a full-fledged alien spaceship that hovers close enough to earth that you can (kind of) see the details of the saucer. Learn how to summon the alien visitors yourself in the full guide below, or browse through the gallery for an otherworldly glimpse.

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How To Summon The UFO | Easter Egg Guide


To summon the UFO event, you need to reach Chapter 2. Once you’re able to explore the area south of Valentine, you’ll be able to access this very special event.

  • Go to the small house by the pond north of Emerald Station and the Heartland Overflow.
  • Inside, search the desk at the front of the cultist compound. There’s a dead preacher with a ‘Strange Sermon’ — read it.
  • Go outside and rest at camp. Wait until midnight.
  • Return to the cult building at night. Just as you enter, a green light will appear in the sky.
  • Rush outside in first-person mode, and you’ll be able to look up and watch the UFO fly up into the sky.

This is a fully-fledged alien spaceship. It emits a bright green glow, and it flies away almost as quickly as it appears. You need to read the ‘Strange Sermon’, which talks about intergalactic visitors at night. You can also loot the cultist compound for some good items — don’t miss the XP enhancer in the chimney.