Red Dead Redemption 2: Play An Epilogue Exclusive Mini-Game With A Squirrel Statue | ‘It’s Art’ Guide

Even after you’ve reached the ending credits, there’s still secrets left to explore in Red Dead Redemption 2. Once you’ve finished a lengthy hunting side-quest, you’ll unlock a bonus “mini-game” — and it’s all about an ugly squirrel statue. For completing all the steps listed here, you’ll also earn the “It’s Art” achievement / trophy. Everyone’s a critic.

This is all about end-game events, so there will be spoilers ahead. Stop now if you don’t want to learn anything about the epilogue.

You can get started on this achievement / trophy earlier in the story, too. Just start the “A Better World, A New Friend” stranger mission — which requires you to hunt and skin lots of different animal types. You can’t just get normal skins either. You’ll need perfect skins. Learn how to hunt perfect skins in the guide linked below.

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Epilogue Exclusive Squirrel Statue Mini-Game | ‘It’s Art’ Guide

Before you can play the little mini-game, you’ll need to actually unlock the Squirrel Statue. To do this, you’ll need to complete two requirements.

  • Finish the “A Better World, A New Friend” stranger mission.
    • The mission is acquired by finding hunting requests in six towns. You can complete these requests in any order.
    • Hunting requests appear at the post office in the following towns: Valentine, Strawberry, Rhodes, Saint Denis, Van Horn, and Armadillo.
    • Complete all five requests, and Ms. Hobbs will send you a letter.
  • Complete Epilogue: Part 2.

At the end of the stranger mission, Ms. Hobbes will give you a squirrel statue. After completing Epilogue: Part 2, the squirrel statue can be placed on the center mantelpiece for everyone to see in your house at Beecher’s Hope.

Unfortunately, Abigail isn’t a big fan of your new art. She’ll hide the statue, and place it somewhere else in your house whenever you leave and revisit. You need to leave the ranch grounds before she’ll actually move the statue.

Your goal? Find the squirrel statue (randomly hidden somewhere in the house) and return it to the mantel. Do this even times, and you’ll earn the “It’s Art” achievement / trophy.