Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 5 – Week 4 Challenges Guide | Flaming Hoops & Treasure Locations [VIDEO]

Flaming hoops and hidden battle stars — that’s the name of the game in Fortnite: Battle Royale. We’ve hit Season 5, Week 4, and the challenge is all about doing sick tricks in your golf cart. Yes, you can even ride around with your buds and everyone gets the ring. There are five hidden flaming rings (or hoops) at the end of five very conspicuous ramps. You’ll need to jump aboard one of the few ATK (All-Terrain Karts) that spawn around Lazy Links or Paradise Palms, and start performing awesome jumps.

You won’t need friends to help you, but you’ll probably find a few players lingering around these locations, waiting for a friendly face to show up in an ATK. If you can’t find an ATK, just wait around and see if someone shows up — if you hop on the back as it drives by, you can grab these collectibles while utilizing the kindness of complete strangers. Learn where to find them all with our text guide, maps, and video.

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Week 4 Challenges Guide | Fire Rings & Treasure Locations

  • Challenge: ‘Between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch & Stunt Mountain’ Treasure
    • Battle Star Location: Behind the gas station, located west of Loot Lake and south of Pleasant Park. Follow the road to the single gas station on the road, then run to the area behind it —  large grassy field.
      • Map Coordinates: C4 [It’s right next to a white tree with yellow leaves, behind the Gas Station in square D4.]

The week 4 collectible challenge is all about flaming rings. You can’t just find them, you need to drive a cart straight through them. There are five flaming rings to find — make sure you grab an ATK from the golf course or desert biome before hitting these stunts.

  • Challenge: 5 Rings of Fire
    • Hoop #1: H9 [Find the ramp near the bridge. Follow the road south of Paradise Palms.]
    • Hoop #2: H7 [The ramp is located south of the broken bridge, in the canyonon-like area west of Paradise Palms.]
    • Hoop #3: J8 [Fly over the edge of the island, east of Paradise Palms to spot the ramp on the cliffs.]
    • Hoop #4: E3 [Southwest of Lazy Links — on a gentle hill. Follow the winding road south of Lazy Links, and you’ll find the ramp to your right as you enter square E3.]
    • Hoop #5: E3 [At the bottom of the pickaxe-shaped hole in square E3, west of Lazy Links.]