Prey: Mooncrash DLC – How To Get The Psychoscope | Director Unlock Guide

The Psychoscope is right up these stairs.

To unlock the Director and gain the ability to scan Typhon for bonus powers, you’re going to want to recover the Psychoscope early in the Prey: Mooncrash DLC. The actual moon facility is randomly generated, but a few constants remain. You’ll always find an Artyx Propulsion System in the starting hallway, you’ll always find an active Escape Pod in the Crater area, and you’ll always find the Psychoscope in the top floor of the Pytheas Labs. It’s just that simple, but I’m going to explain all the details you need.

Finding the Psychoscope is important for any character that wants to spot hidden mimics, but the real reason to recover the device is to unlock the Director, Riley Yu. She’s carrying a Psychoscope and a Psychoscope Fabrication Plan, allowing you to purchase one of these devices before entering the simulation proper. The more Fabrication Plans you find, the more you’ll be able to prepare before entering the randomly-generated Pytheas Moon Base.

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How To Get The Psychoscope | Director Unlock Guide


To unlock the Director, you need to find the Psychoscope at the top of the Pytheas Labs. The Psychoscope can also unlock Typhon powers for characters that can’t normally use these abilities — so it’s definitely worth finding. To get the Psychoscope, you’ll need to make enough progress that you can fully explore the moon base. That means you need to escape at least once with the Volunteer and unlock the Engineer.

From the main Pytheas Labs area, go up the lift to reach the Executive Level on Floor 2. In the Executive Level, go up the large stairs through the locked door and pass the Conference Room. If you need food for the Mass Driver escape, the conference room here is a treasure trove.

Continue into Riley Yu’s office. Upstairs, you’ll find a lab called the Data Archive — you’ll also find Riley Yu’s body. Collect the Psychoscope Fabrication Plan from the floor, and you’ll find the Psychoscope itself on her corpse. Riley Yu is wearing it! Once you grab the Psychoscope, you’ll unlock Riley Yu (The Director) as a playable character.

The Psychoscope is a powerful tool. Use it to scan Typhon enemies and unlock their abilities so you can gain them through the use of Neuromods. This is how you can gain the Mimic ability. You can also locate disguised mimics, hiding Moon Sharks, and invisible Poltergeists.