Prey: Mooncrash DLC – How To Unlock The Custodian | Story Objective Guide

The last character you’ll unlock is a surprise.

The final character you’ll probably unlock in the Prey: Mooncrash DLC is the Custodian — who isn’t a Custodian at all. As you’ll learn while completing the Security Officer’s story objective, the Custodian is actually a highly-trained corporate spy, and you’ll have to fight to survive if you want to unlock her. She’s the only character capable of hacking, so she’s absolutely required if you want to unlock every single escape route.

She’s also a great fighter — one of the best, with a few Typhon abilities unlocked that allow her to manipulate machines. She also starts with a PSI Blade in her loadout, which is incredibly powerful against Typhon enemies, even the toughest enemies like the new Moon Shark will crumble with a handful of hits.

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How To Unlock The Custodian | Story Objective Guide


The last character you can unlock is the mysterious Custodian in the Prey: Mooncrash DLC add-on. To add her to your roster, you’ll need to complete the Security Officer’s Story Objective. Unlock him with one of the guides linked above — use a workstation to locate his body, and then escape using the Mass Driver to earn his Story Objective.

Start a fresh simulation and play as the Security Officer. His Story Mission is difficult, so I recommend purchasing a few items before starting the quest.

  • Recommended Purchases:
    • 2-5 Medkits
    • Silenced Pistol
    • 90 Bullets
    • 1-3 EMP Charges

You can replace the EMP Charges with a Disruptor Stun Gun. Either way, it helps to have a weapon that can disable Typhon Gates.

Security Officer Story Objective Guide

As the Security Officer, you’ll start with a Shotgun and you can unlock combat abilities. Unlock a few — you can get x3 Neuromods from Riley Yu’s office in Pytheas Labs, and in Riley Yu’s home in the Crew Annex.

Your first goal is to find the Memory Marker to begin reliving past memories. The memory marker is in Floor 1 of the Crew Annex, in the Security Station living quarters. You can access this locked room from the public showers down the hall. Use the maintenance hatch.

For this mission, you need to investigate Claire Whitten. Use a Security Workstation — one is behind the counter in the Shuttle Station — and locate her. She’s in a hideout in the Moonworks area. The tram is down, so you’ll need to cross through from the Crater.

Before entering her hiding spot, be prepared with Combat Proficiency, shotgun ammo, the Stun Gun or EMP. Two Combat Operators will ambush you when you arrive. Destroy them, and then search the room. Check the dead bodies for supplies and heal up — use the File on the computer when you’re ready.

This begins the hard part. Claire Whitten booby-trapped the terminal, so you’re infected with a nerve agent. It will slowly kill you, so you’ll want plenty of healing items before getting infected. You’ll get two options — stop her Escape Pod, or get the cure. Don’t worry, you can do both.

Each objective is on a timer. The timer to stop her escape is longer, so you can rush to the cure, administer it, then stop her. You need to move fast. It’s better to make sure the exit path through the crater is clear — the cure is usually located in the first exterior moon surface from the entrance to the base.

You can also skip the cure and try to stop her. Rush to the Crew Annex — you can repair the tram station in the Moonworks, but I recommend just crossing the Crater again. Go to the Shuttle Station and enter the lift to the left — it leads to the Control Tower. Use the workstation here to detonate the bombs on her Escape Pod, or let her leave. It’s your choice.

Whatever you choose, you’ll unlock Claire Whitten as a playable character for completing the story objective. It’s okay if the Security Officer dies — you don’t need to escape to save your success.