Prey: Mooncrash DLC – How To Find The Security Officer | Character Unlock Guide

Don’t touch the green gas!

The first tricky character unlock in the Mooncrash DLC for Prey is the Security Officer. Most likely, you’ll unlock him third (or fourth, depending on your preferences for completing objectives) in the rogue-like campaign. To make this guy playable, all you have to do is find him. Surprisingly, that’s a lot harder than it sounds. There’s a few tricks you might want to know when hunting this guy’s body, and we’ve listed a full guide below.

In Mooncrash, you play as a hacker, slowly piecing together the events that occurred on the Pytheas Moon Base, using a simulations to play through the experiences of five survivors. The simulation changes after every reset, and you’ll slowly learn exactly what happened at the station. First, by unlocking all the characters by completing simple escape objectives, then diving into their backgrounds with special story objectives. They only get tougher the more progress you make.

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How To Find The Security Officer | Character Unlock Guide


You can begin searching for the Security Officer’s body after you escape for the first time. The entire facility can be explored after unlocking the Engineer. To find the Security Officer, access a Security Workstation — you can find one beneath the Command Center in the middle of the Crater — or, more easily, in the Shuttle Station at the Crew Annex.

Use the Workstation to find his body — it’s always located in the Moonworks area. Track his body, and enter the Moonworks through the Tram. If you’re in the Crew Annex, just go downstairs from the Shuttle Station and down the hall.

From the Tram Terminal, enter the Support Systems area and go down to the Central Mine / Loading Zone. Reach the Escape Pod in the Decommissioned Crater Access area of the Refinery — you’ll need a keycard or the Hacking 2 ability to enter through the doors.

Alternate Access Route: To enter the Escape Pod room without the keycard or hacking ability, you’ll need an Artax Propulsion System. Go to the Lead Engineer’s Office and double-tap to zip forward across the missing bridge on the upper level of the refinery.

Near the Mass Driver door, jump onto the pipes to the right. Follow the pipes up and around toward the Escape Pod room — above the keycard door, you’ll find a maintenance hatch.

Through the hatch, you’ll go around and finally reach the Security Officer’s body. Just getting close is enough to unlock the character.