Prey: Mooncrash DLC – How To Escape With All 5 Characters In A Single Run | ‘No One Left Behind’ Guide

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To unlock the ‘No One Left Behind’ achievement / trophy in Prey: Mooncrash, you need to escape with all five characters in a single, unbroken run. No one can die, and everyone has to escape via one of the five escape methods. Once an escape method is used, the other characters can’t use it, so you’ll have to prepare for your escape — and it gets very difficult, very fast.

If you’re like us, and you’re lost and confused and need a helping hand when it comes to the toughest challenge in Mooncrash, then look no further. After hours and hours of gameplay, I’ve cobbled together a handful of useful tips you should probably keep in mind, and an order of escape that’ll make life much easier. Just remember to prepare for the unexpected.

Mooncrash is a rogue-like add-on for Prey, placing you in a randomized moon base that gets tougher and tougher every time you manage to survive. Items, enemies, and hazards are totally random — at least your characters keep their upgrades permanently, even if they die. Below, I’m going to explain my method for escaping the Pytheas Moon Base with all five characters, all before you hit Corruption Level 3.

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How To Escape With All 5 Characters In A Single Run | ‘No One Left Behind’ Guide

To unlock ‘No One Left Behind’, you’ll first need to unlock every character. It also helps to play through all the standard escape methods — there are five of them, and you’ll need to know all the ins-and-outs before trying to use them.

There are issues that can pop-up during each session, so be very aware, and remember the progress you’ve made — enemies respawn, but anything you’ve hacked, repaired, destroyed or unlocked will remain the same until you reset the entire simulation.

Preparations – What You Need To Know

Before getting started, you’ll want to prepare for your run. Earn plenty of Sim Points. If you play well, you’ll easily earn more than you spend. We’re going to spend a lot of Sim Points for this run, but don’t be afraid — the more items you bring into the simulation, the easier it will be.

Always bring the following items on every single run.

  • Recommended Loadout For All Characters:
    • x1 Silenced Pistol
    • x90 Pistol Ammo
    • x4+ EMP Charges [For Opening Typhon Gates]
    • x3+ Typhon Lures [Very Important For Director Escape Route]
    • Artyx Propulsion System [Not Always]
    • x3+ Medical Kits
    • x3+ PSI Stims [Not Always]

The Security Officer begins with a Propulsion System, so you don’t need to add that. You will also always find x3 Typhon Lures and x1 Artyx Propulsion System in the hallway leading to the main Crater area. You can only collect these once. Remember to bring these items for everyone else.

The EMP Charges are incredibly important to bypass Typhon Gates. Don’t bother fighting most enemies. If they’re in your way, destroy them — but most of the time, it’s better to simply run. Drop an EMP Charge on a gate to disable it, allowing you to get through.

The Typhon Lure is important for two reasons. 1) You’ll need them to evade the Moon Shark in the Crater. The Artyx Propulsion System helps, but if you’re caught, you can drop a Lure and run. 2) You’ll absolutely, 100% need a Typhon Lure for the Director’s escape route.

The Moon Shark

The Moon Shark is a blind monster that can sense vibrations on the moon surface. Jump / jetpack from rock to rock, and stay on the firm rocks. Don’t touch the dunes or the Moon Shark will appear. It can kill you very, very quickly. If you want to fight the Moon Shark, use PSI-based weapons or powers. It’s vulnerable — you can also lure the Moon Shark into a Tentacle Nest to kill it quickly.

It’s a good idea to kill the Moon Shark early with the Custodian. The Moon Shark respawns after every Corruption Level increase, and they always drop a Purple Timer. This unique items rolls back the corruption timer, giving you more time before enemies respawn.

Power & Trams

The Power Control room is located beneath the Command Center in the middle of the crater. Go underground and you can see if one of the facilities is disabled — usually one of them will be without power. Keep this in mind when planning your route — you might need to stop by the Power Control room and swap modules to power the facilities you need.

Trams also have independent power, not connected to the main power grid. Find Tram Module cases to the right of the tram entrance. Usually, you’ll just need to insert a single Module into the slot instead of two — it helps to get all the tram modules powered up so you can quickly access every section of the base.


Part #1: Custodian Escape

  • Escape Route: Mass Driver

The Mass Driver is one of the most difficult Escape Routes, and one of the most time-consuming. You’ll need to find x5 food items, x5 non-alcoholic drinks, and x1 Anti-Rad. If you have ration fabrication plans, or Anti-Rad fabrication plans, purchase these items for your loadout to speed up the process.

Otherwise, travel to the Power Control room in the Crater underground and make sure Pytheas Labs and Moonworks are powered. Then, travel to Pytheas Labs and go to the Isolation Chamber room. Hack the workstation for the Typhon Portal escape, then take the lift up to the Executive Level.

Go upstairs to the Conference Room to collect plenty of food. There should be enough food and drinks here. Go to any Trauma Center for Anti-Rads — there’s a Trauma Center near the Tram Station in the Crew Annex.

Dump the items you need in the cargo container in the Moonworks, then activate the launch sequence. Use EMP on the gates to speed things up. If you’re quick, you should be able to complete this step before (or right at) the start of Corruption Level 2.

Part #2: Engineer Escape

  • Escape Route: Typhon Portal

As the Engineer, travel to Pytheas Labs and repair the broken panel on the side of the Isolation Chamber in the main labs section. That’s literally all you need to do to escape if the hacker successfully hacked the workstation. The Engineer begins with 6 Spare Parts, which should be enough to repair and activate the portal.

If you have time, it’s a good idea to repair any broken doors in the areas you frequent. You can also collect easy Neuromods — there are three in Alex Yu’s office in the Crew Annex, and three more in Riley Yu’s office at the top of the Pytheas Labs.

Part #3: Director Escape

  • Escape Route: Consciousness Emulation

This is the hardest part of the run. Load up on healing items and travel to Riley Yu’s office at the top of the Pytheas Labs. If the stairs are destroyed, climb the pipes behind the stairs to reach the upper floor. Access your workstation (the Director knows the password) and switch to Channel 0 to get an encrypted message.

Only Riley Yu can complete this escape route. If you fail this escape route, you won’t be able to escape with all three characters. Follow the steps — when you try to upload data, you’ll get a corruption error and a volunteer location. Unlock Phantom Genesis 2 and use it on the volunteer’s dead body — it is always in a random location.

Prepare a lure when the Phantom appears. It is always hostile! If you kill it, you’ll fail the escape. While the Phantom is distracted, scan it with the Psychoscope. Then you can rush back to the Data Vault, place the Operator on the shaft, and emulate your consciousness to “escape”.

Part #4: Security Officer Escape

  • Escape Route: Shuttle

Now for the easy part. If you’ve been rushing around, it shouldn’t be far into Corruption Level 3 at this point. Load up on ammo and health, and travel to the Power Control room in Crater. Make sure the Crew Annex is powered up, then go upstairs to the Shuttle Station.

At this point, you should have already found Angela Wagner, unlocked Pilot 1, and learned the ability. If you’ve done all that, all you have to do is use EMP to knock down the Typhon Gates and escape.

Part #5: Volunteer Escape

  • Escape Route: Escape Pod

Last, but not least. If you’ve made it this far, I recommend investing in plenty of medkits. More than you think you need. Bring EMP Charges, too!

Also, if you’ve found a Navigation Chip fabrication plan, you absolutely must purchase it. It costs 1,000 points, but it is worth it for the peace of mind.

Travel to the underground Power Control area underneath the Crater Command Center and use the workstation to locate a working Escape Pod. You can also do this and take note of the location with the Custodian in your first escape. If you don’t have a Navigation Chip, fabricate one or find a broken Escape Pod — you can find extra Navigation Chips in those.

Fight to the Escape Pod, use EMP to knock down the gate, and get inside. Install the Navigation Chip, and you’re home free.

That’s the strategy I used! Got your own master plans to escape with all five characters alive at the same time? Let us know in the comments section!