Prey: Mooncrash DLC – How To Complete All 5 Escapes | Escape Objectives Guide

There are five types of escapes in the Prey: Mooncrash DLC — and they’re all partially randomized. You won’t be able to escape the exact same way, every time, but certain aspects will always remain the same. There are five different methods to leave the infested moon base, and they’re all challenging in unique ways — especially the Typhon Gate. Here, I’m going to break down what you need to know about every escape, and how to complete them all.

Most of the Mooncrash DLC is about these escape routes. There is one in each major zone — and two in the Pytheas Labs area. The Escape Pod is the simplest, and the most difficult by far is the Typhon Gate, required access to at least two special characters to finish tasks in the area, even though they can’t actually use the Typhon Gate to escape.

Learn how to complete all five escapes in Prey with the complete guide for each individual escape below.

NOTE: The simulation will only reset if all your characters have died. Everything else remains the same. Any doors you’ve unlocked or items you’ve used stay that way.

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Install the Navigation Chip before taking off.

Escape #1: Escape Pod

The simplest escape route, but also the most random. To use an Escape Pod, you need to complete two steps: get an Escape Pod Navigation Chip, and find a working Escape Pod.

  1. To find a working Escape Pod, access a Security Workstation and check the status of the Escape Pods. You’ll find at least one should still be available. The working Escape Pod can be in one of three locations.
    • When you check the workstation, you’ll also see damaged Escape Pods. You can scavenge working Escape Pod Navigation Chips from these pods.
  2. After the first Escape Pod quest, you’ll need an Escape Pod Navigation Chip. Find the Fabrication Plans early in the quest — they’re held by the corpse in the hallway leading into the crater.
    • Fabricate the Escape Pod Navigation Chip or construct it for 1,000 resources at the Loadout Screen for a quick escape.
    • As described above, you can also collect an Escape Pod Navigation Chip from an inactive Escape Pod. Check a workstation to locate one.

Escape #2: Shuttle

The shuttle escape is slightly more complicated. You’ll need to complete three steps for this one: reach the Crew Annex to access the Shuttle Station, find Alex Wagner’s body, and install the Pilot ability with a Neuromod.

  1. The Crew Annex can be accessed from any Tram Station or through the entrance doors in the Crater. Ride the lift up and go upstairs to find the Shuttle Station.
  2. In the Shuttle Station, you’ll learn that Angela Wagner was installing a pilot ability mod. Find her corpse — use any workstation to locate her body, then loot it to gain the Pilot 1 ability.
    • All characters that find the device on Angela Wagner will permanently add the Pilot 1 ability to your skills list.
  3. Find (or construct) a Neuromod and learn the Pilot 1 ability. Wagner is always carrying a Neuromod Fabrication Plan, so you can Fabricate one if you don’t have an extra.
    • Pilot 1 costs 1 Neuromod to learn.

With the Pilot 1 ability learned, travel back to the Shuttle Station and use the Shuttle to escape. If you already know Pilot 1, then you can simply travel to the Shuttle and escape from there. Just make sure the power is on.


Escape #3: Mass Driver

These methods just get more complicated. For this escape, you’ll need to collect food, water, and Anti-Rad medicine in the Moonworks, then activate the Mass Driver. Don’t eat too much food!

  1. Access the Moonworks area from the Tram Station, or through the Crater main entrance. You’ll need to find the cargo container loaded into the bottom of the Mass Driver shaft — from the Tram Station, go past the security office and to the lounge.
    • Past the lounge, go down through the Systems area, and into the Central Mine. There’s a tall shaft in the center with a cargo container loaded inside — check it out, search the body, and listen to the recording to unlock this escape method.
  2. Before you can escape, you need food, drink, and medicine. You need five food items, and five non-alcoholic drinks. Search the lounge, or travel to the Pytheas Labs and look in the Conference Room on the third floor for tons of food items.
    • To get Anti-Rads, you’ll need to find a small medical office. There’s one located near the tram station in the Crew Annex. Travel to the Crew Annex and you’ll find it in the hallway leading to the bar.
  3. Deposit all the items you need in the cargo container box mounted on the wall. When all the items are loaded, travel upstairs to the Mass Driver room. Clear the enemies inside and enter the Control Room to begin the launch sequence.
    • Make sure the path is clear before initiating the Launch Sequence! You only have 60 seconds to travel all the way back down to the Cargo Container.
  4. After initiating the launch, you have 60 seconds to reach the container at the bottom of the shaft.
    • The Propulsion System will help here. Exit the command office and reach the long shaft under the Mass Driver. Drop down and let the jetpack soften your fall, then get inside.

If you can make it back into the cargo container in time, you’ll successfully escape.

Escape #4: Consciousness Emulation

The last two escape methods are exclusive to the Pytheas Labs area. Only Riley Yu can escape using this method.

  1. Reach Riley Yu’s office in the Pytheas Labs. Her office is on the third floor of the labs — take the lift from the main Pytheas Lab area up to the Executive Level and access her Workstation to find your first clues, unlocking this escape method.
    • Riley Yu can access this workstation automatically. Otherwise, you’ll need to hack the station. It requires the Hacking 2 ability. Even if you hack the terminal, only Riley Yu can contact Alex Yu.
  2. To upload your consciousness, you’ll need to open a secure communication channel with Alex Yu. Go to the Utilities tab on the workstation and select Channel 0. After contacted Alex, you’ll get new orders.
    • Go upstairs to the Data Vault and collect the inactive Operator. Place the Operator on the dock and then use the Utilities tab on the nearby workstation to “Copy Data to Operator”.
  3. To successfully install yourself onto the Operator, you need to unlock the Phantom Genesis 2 ability. This is an exclusive ability you can only unlock by scanning Weavers.
    • You’ll usually find Weavers as the Corruption Level increases. Look in the large Typhon test subject storage area in the bottom-right corner of the Floor 1, Pytheas Labs.
  4. You’ll need at least six Neuromods to unlock Phantom Genesis 2. 2 to unlock Phantom Genesis 1, and four to unlock Phantom Genesis 2.
    • You also need to scan a unique enemy spawned from a volunteer. You’ll get the volunteer’s location and attempting the data upload — find him, and he’ll burst when you stand nearby, spawning a powerful Phantom.
    • Scan the Phantom to gain the information you need. Use a Typhon Lure to easily scan it — if it dies, you’ll be locked out of this escape method.
  5. Return to the Data Vault at the top of Riley Yu’s Office and complete the data upload, then place the Operator on the Emergency Shaft. Use the chair to simulate your consciousness onto the operator, and you’ll (sort of?) escape.

Once you finally scan the powerful Phantom, return to the Pytheas Labs and complete the upload. The Tram Station will (usually) be destroyed when you return, so bring a few extra Control Units to repair the Tram Station, or take the long way back through the crater.

Escape #5: Typhon Portal

The final escape method is the Typhon Portal, found in the Floor 1 Isolation Chamber in the Pytheas Labs area. Before going in, you’ll need to unlock all five playable characters.

  1. Travel to the location describe above (Pytheas Labs, Floor 1 – Isolation Chamber) in the main Pytheas Labs area, where the lift connects to the Executive Level.
    • Down the hallway, you’ll find the Isolation Lab. Listen to the recording on the corpse to unlock this escape method.
  2. To get started, you need to hack the workstation that controls the mimic experiment. It’s on the terminal in the lab — you need Hacking 1 unlocked.
    • Only the Custodian has the Hacking ability. You’ll need to complete the Security Officer’s story objective to unlock her.
    • Depending on the Corruption Level, you’ll need Hacking 1-5.
  3. Next, you need to get the Repair 1 ability to fix the Isolation Chamber itself. It’s the strange device in the center of the lab with the glowing mimic inside.
    • It costs 5 spare parts to repair the terminal. Only the Engineer starts with the ability to repair the Isolation Chamber.
    • Like the Hacking challenges, the Repair gets more difficult as the Corruption Level increases.
  4. You’ll need to make at least two trips — the Custodian needs to hack the terminal, the Engineer has to repair the door so it can be opened, and any character will be able to enter the portal.
    • Once you’ve completed all these steps, use the workstation to open the Isolation Chamber door, then activate the Stabilization to go through.

This is one the harder escape routes. If you setup the escape with the Custodian then the Engineer, the Volunteer and the Director can very easily escape through the portal. Or you can just leave with the Custodian / Engineer.