Prey: Mooncrash DLC – How To Get The PSI Blade | New Weapon Location Guide

The Mooncrash DLC for Prey doesn’t just add a new area (with new enemies) to the base game — you’ll also find a few totally new weapons. The Typhon Grenade is just one thrown gadget you can use against enemies, but the best possible new weapon is the Psychostatic Cutter. This PSI-enhanced blade absolutely destroys Typhon aliens, even the upgraded, tough super-beasts you’ll encounter later in the moonbase.

The Psychostatic Cutter isn’t just a PSI-based elemental weapon, it also allows the wielder to launch psychic attacks that expend PSI points. You don’t need to unlock Typhon powers with Neuromods, you don’t even need any psychic potential at all. Certain characters you’ll play as can’t use powers to save their life, and it might seem their standard PSI stats are completely pointless. You can make use of those points with the Psychostatic Cutter. Here’s where to find it.

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How To Get The PSI Blade | New Weapon Location Guide


NOTE: The Psychostatic Cutter is incredibly powerful against Typhon enemies. It’s one of the best weapons in the game, so you’ll want to grab it whenever you visit the Pytheas Labs. It’s always located in the same place, and it’s always upgraded to Elite. If you’re planning on multiple runs, only one character can grab it, so choose wisely!

Once you have full access to explore the entire moon base, you’ll be able to acquire the unique PSI Blade weapon at any time. This is a totally unique weapon, and it always appears in the Pytheas Labs. Go to Floor 1 and locate the Typhon Sciences section. From there, enter the Psychometrics Office — inside, you’ll find a special container with a unique melee weapon.

Use the workstation utilities tab to unlock the weapon container. You can now collect the Psychostatic Cutter (Elite) — a fully upgraded version of the Psychostatic Cutter, a unique knife that does regular and PSI damage with its attacks. You can also charge it and unleash a powerful PSI blast that can hit ranged enemies.

The Psychostatic Cutter consumes stamina for normal attacks, and PSI points for charged attacks. The PSI attack can be used, even if you don’t have any PSI potential. Any character can launch PSI projectiles! The attacks also ignore all physical barriers, so you can attack enemies through doors or windows safely.

The Psychostatic Cutter comes standard in the Custodian’s loadout — this is a Standard version of the Psychostatic Cutter, and not the enhanced version located in the Pytheas Labs.