Dark Souls: Remastered – 5 Best Spots To Farm Souls (All Levels) | Farming Guide

You’re always in need of more souls in Dark Sous: Remastered. Souls are the currency of Dark Souls, and you’ll use them for everything — leveling up, purchasing items, or upgrading weapons. There are times you’ll be tantalizingly close to another level-up. To make your life slightly easier in the deadly world of Dark Souls, we’ve compiled a list of five locations that make farming easy.

As you progress in the story, you’ll find better and better locations for farming — culminating in the best possible spot in the later part of the game, after you’ve acquired the ability to warp to different bonfires. All farming basically follows the same strategy — you’ll want to find a location near a bonfire that’s packed with easy enemies to smash.

Farming is all about finding areas with lots of easy enemies that also give plenty of souls. We’ve got five pretty perfect spots listed below, in order of level. If you’re late in the game and need a boost, scroll down to the bottom of the guide.

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5 Best Spots To Farm Souls (All Levels) | Farming Guide

Even if you’re extremely low level, here are five locations that make farming souls easy. Before you begin your farming, there are two items that are extremely helpful — they increase how many souls you earn while equipped, and both items can be stacked. 

  • Covetous Silver Serpent Ring:
    •  A ring that increases the amount of souls enemies drop by 20%. The ring is found late in the game, in the Tomb of Giants — to find it, look for a Bone Archer enemy near the first bonfire. Next to the Bone Archer, there’s a corpse by the ledge that’s holding a Soul of a Brave Warrior. Drop off the ledge here and follow the narrow path to the ring’s location. Enemies will spawn when you get near, so be prepared.
  • Symbol of Avarice:
    • A helmet that hurts you while it is equipped, it increases rare item drop rate and the amount of souls enemies drop. It stacks with the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring, so if you’ve got both items equipped, you’ll boost soul drops by 44%. This is an extremely rare item that (if you’re lucky) will drop from Mimics. There’s a less than 1% chance of it dropping, so if you really want this item, you’ll need to farm Mimics.


#1: Firelink Shrine (Very Low Level)

In the very first area of the game, you’ll probably need extra souls sometimes for leveling up or purchasing useful items. One of the earliest, and safest places to farm is at the Firelink Shrine itself. Once you unlock the aqueduct shortcut, simply run between the aqueduct and the Firelink Shrine bonfire.

There’s a small group of enemies here. You can kill them, or lure them off the ledge, then rinse and repeat. You won’t get many soul per cycle, but you will be able to safely recover any lost souls, and fighting the undead here is good practice for the future.

#2: Undead Burg (Very Low Level)

The Undead Burg is another great place for farming souls safely. Reach the bridge guarded by the big red dragon. When you try to cross, it will blast fire down the bridge. Find the nearby bonfire, and you can quickly earn a reliable 550 souls every two minutes or so.

To pull this off, go to the bridge upper level from the bonfire, and bait the dragon to start spitting fire. The fire will kill the undead enemies on the bridge, and you’ll earn the souls. Run back down to the bonfire and rest, and you can rinse / repeat as often as you like for quick souls. No fighting necessary.

#3: Darkroot Basin (Low Level)

The large, open Darkroot Garden area is full of simple-ish enemies you can hunt for 5,000-6,000 souls per run. Travel down from Andre the Blacksmith, past the Titanite Demon and into the forest area. Attack the illusory wall near a locked door in the Basin to reveal a hidden bonfire. You’ll need it for this farming spot and the next one.

Outside the locked door (which requires the key sold by Andre for 20,000 souls) — you’ll find a very large area with Stone Guardians, trees that come to life, poisonous lizards, and frog monsters. Wipe out everything in the area and sprint back to the hidden bonfire to reset. You can do this as often as you like, and works even up to the mid-point of the game. It’s especially useful for farming and earning the 20,000 souls you need to unlock the nearby door.

#4: Darkroot Basin (Mid Level)

Right through the door that requires the key you can purchase from Andre the Blacksmith for 20,000 souls, you’ll enter another large forest filled with spectral enemies. This is one of the best farming spots in the game, and you can easily earn 40,000 in just a few minutes. You can also easily die, as the opponents here are extremely varied — they’re human specters that are hard to see, but easy to trick.

Use a bow to lure individual enemies away from the pack, then back away into the corner of the stairs next to the ledge. The invisible enemies will chase you and attempt to circle around you. When they do, they’ll inevitably tumble off the cliff and die. You don’t even need to fight them — eventually you’ll be tough enough that fighting them is much faster.

#5: Painted World of Ariamis (High Level) — Best Farming Spot

The best farming location in the game is actually the Painted World of Ariamis. To reach this secret area, return to the Northern Undead Asylum by interacting with the nest at the top of the Firelink Shrine (step out of the lift going up) and return to the original cell you started in. Take the Strange Doll to the massive optional cathedral in Anor Londo and use it on the painting.

If you equip the Covetous Silver Ring and the Symbol of Avarice (both increase how many souls you earn, and they stack) you can easily earn 10,000 souls in about a minute. You’ll want to find the Phalanx — that big pile of goo with shields and spears. Use a spear or long sword — especially one with magic properties like lightning damage — to cut them down. They’re easy to kill, there are tons of them, and you’re not too far from the closest bonfire. Just kill the phalanx enemies, return to bonfire, rinse and repeat.