Daily Deal: Quantum Break (Pre-owned) is Only $10.99 At GameStop

Remedy Entertainment ’s third-person time-bending shooter, Quantum Break is running for only $10.99 pre-owned over on GameStop.

The title’s story follows Jack Joyce, whom after an experiment finds himself and his friend in possession of time-altering abilities. While Jack is focused on using his powers for good, his friend becomes obsessed with using the ability for control. Make use of a host of weaponry, melee attacks, and powers to take on your once best friend.

In the aftermath of a split second of destruction that fractures time itself, two people find they have changed and gained extraordinary abilities. One of them travels through time and becomes hell-bent on controlling this power. The other uses these new abilities to attempt to defeat him – and fix time before it tears itself irreparably apart. Both face overwhelming odds and make dramatic choices that will determine the shape of the future.  Quantum Break is full of the vivid storytelling, rich characters and dramatic twists Remedy Entertainment are renowned for. Your choices in-game will affect the outcome of this fast-paced fusion between game and show giving the player a completely unique entertainment experience.

Sound like something you may be interested in? Head on over to GameStop’s page and pick up the game for only $10.99, here.