Yakuza 6: Where To Find All Safe & Key Locations

Throughout the open world of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, there are several keys and locked safes. If you’re looking to unlock all the safes and earn the loot inside then check out our guide below. We’ve detailed where every safe and key is located within both cities along with the loot inside each safe.

However, it’s worth noting that once you move onto the second city, you won’t be able to go back to the first city location until the very end of the game. It’s best to make note of the various safes that are available prior to progressing too far into the story narrative.

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Kamurocho Locations

Yoshida Batting Center

  • Go the back of the building and into the parking lot. Then proceed to the stairs leading to the roof where you’ll come across the keys on the stairway. Progress on the roof and go across to the second stairway. Proceed across the building and make a right to find the safe.


  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Spirit
  • Technique
  • Charm

Empty Store

  • The safe and keys are next to each other and easy to obtain. Head to the Nakamichi Alley and look for the empty store. You’ll find some cardboard boxes inside though behind it will be the keys to the safe.


  • High-tech insoles

Cat Café

  • Go to Senryo Avenue and pick up the keys in front of the Cat Café entrance building. Once you have the keys, make your way on top of the building’s roof to find the safe.


  • Rusted chain mail

Sexy Club

  • On Tenkaichi Street near New Serena will be a building called Sexy Club. The keys will be at the entrance. Pick the keys up and go inside and head to the fourth floor in order to reach the mahjong room. Go inside the room and through the door towards the back where the safe will be sitting in the left corner.


  • Steel underwear


  • Just north of New Serena, look for a building with the Spunky sign as a key will be laying at the doorway. Grab the key and take the elevator to the second floor where you’ll find a safe at the back of the room.


  • Hunger belt

Onomichi Locations

Mt. Senkoji

  • Go to the stair pathway that sits below Mt. Senkoji. At the top of the stairs there will be a mailbox with a key inside. Then take the key back down and under the roofing where the safe is located.


  • Bloody binding

Pedestrian Bridge

  • While on the pedestrian bridge, pick the key up on the southern section and then proceed down the stairs. Look for the awning area to the right where there will be a safe.


  • Romance amulet


  • Go to the end of the dock and pick up the key from the ground. Head back and go the Oyster Shack where you’ll find the safe east of the location.


  • Fearless binding

Shops Alley

  • Go to the very end of the Shops Alley and head up the ladder. There will be a key on the edge of the roof take it and go back down. Head to the Moreno bar and look behind the stairs to the bar’s entrance to find the safe.


  • Stamina belt

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