Yakuza 6: Where To Find UFO Finder & UFO’s

If you’re out to find all the collectibles and Easter eggs available within Yakuza 6: The Song of Life then you’ll have to track down two UFO sighting locations. In this guide, we’ll show just how to find the two UFO sighting locations and the UFO Finder.

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  • Complete main campaign
  • Start Premium Adventure
  • Acquire UFO Finder (10,000 Yen)

Within Yakuza 6 there is one Easter egg to find when you complete the game. In this guide, we’ll showcase just how to find the UFOs and the UFO Finder. However, as we mentioned, before you are able to gain access to this objective Easter egg, you’ll first need to complete the main campaign.

When you finish the game, players will be able to start up a Premium Adventure. At the start of this adventure, gamers will receive a text message regarding the Kamurocho Newsletter stating that there have been sightings of an UFO. In fact, there are two UFO sightings, one in Kamurocho and the other being in Onomichi.

Within Kamurocho, players will first need to acquire the UFO Finder. The UFO Finder will be within the Ebisu Pawn and it will cost players 10,000 Yen. After you acquire the UFO Finder, head to the Yoshida Batting Center. You’ll need to make your way onto the roof in order to see the UFO.

For Onomichi, you’ll need to climb up the mountain from the stairs and the second UFO will appear. This will be the last UFO location within Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.

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