Yakuza 6: Where To Recruit Baseball Players & How To Level Up Team

If you enjoy the mini-games available throughout Yakuza 6 then chances are you’ve tried out baseball. This is a game you can enjoy only after progressing to the point where you’ve completed Substory 35. For those who are looking to get a few more tips and tricks about baseball along with how to find all the players to recruit for your team, then check out our guide breakdown below.

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  • Complete Substory 35: We Need A Ringer
  • Most of these players are found through Substories. You’ll have to complete the Substory before you are able to return and speak with the NPC about baseball unless otherwise noted.

Baseball Player Locations
  • Gen-san
    • Found within Substory 43: Tech Support. Speak with him at the bar.
  • Kenji Gorchov
    • Found within Substory 48: World’s Best Octopus.
  • Moritsuka
    • Found within Substory 35: We Need A Ringer
  • Kase-Senpai
    • Complete Substory 25: The Fools Who Dream. Afterwards you’ll find him in the Central Shopping District.
  • Kuramoto
    • Found by Yonetoku. You’ll need to head into Nagi Pharmacy and buy him Kakubin before he will join.
  • Genie
    • Found by the taxi on Shishido Street towards the East end of the road. You’ll have to give him Sushi before he will join.
  • Kawamure
    • Found on Hana-no-kubo street. Buy a Muscle from RIZAP and give it to him so that he will join your team.
  • Maetani
    • Found by the Shrine within Onomichi. He will require 1 million yen before he will join your team.
  • Hatakeyama-san
    • Found within Substory 41: What’s the Matter With Kids Today.
  • Akiyoshi-san
    • Found within Substory 42: Powerful Memories. You’ll be able to speak with him at the bar.
  • Yoshida
    • Found within Substory 19: Step Up To The Plate.

Leveling Team Up

When you go through games you’ll obtain tickets. It’s best to farm tickets and use them when games start to become difficult to complete. Prior to the game, you’ll be able to spend one ticket per player which will grant 100xp.

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