Yakuza 6: Where To Find The Black Market Locations

If you’re seeking valuable items and weapons within Yakuza 6, the first choice will be hitting the black market, especially if you played previous installments. However, before you are able to attend the black market, you’ll have to go through a few requirements.

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For starters, the game will require players to at least complete Chapter 5 which will see the mini-game Clan Creator unlock.

This mini-game will put players in control of their own clan with battles against other players. For more of a breakdown of the mode, read our Clan Guide.

Within the mini-game, players will have to complete the first thirteen missions out of the sixteen set. When you have finished the first thirteen, speak with the bartender next to the Clan Creator mini-game and he will alert you that about a man who operates the Black Market.

After speaking with the bartender, players will receive a text message alerting that the Black Market vendors will be available to meet. It’s at this point that players will be able to gain access to both the Kamurocho and Onomichi Black Markets.

You should be able to spot the new Black Market Merchant icons on your maps. Onomichi will be within the Hana-no-kubo area while the Black Market Merchant in Kamurocho will be found in the Hotel District area.

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