Far Cry 5: Unlock Vector SMG & Outfit In The Second Live Event | ‘Arcade Dawn’ Guide

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There’s another reason you’ll want to bounce into Far Cry 5 this week — for a limited time, you’ll be able to earn a Vector SMG. This is a totally unique, totally new weapon that isn’t available in the main game. It’s got a new model, new sound effects, and a new paintjob that makes it unique. Basically, it’s actually a worthwhile reward, and all you have to do is take on the weekly online Live Event challenge.

Active through 4/10-4/17, the ‘Arcade Dawn’ Live Event challenges you to enjoy a little downtime in the online Arcade mode. Most of the levels are pretty basic, so we’re going to prescribe a super simple solution to the problem. As always, there is a solo challenge and a community challenge — completing the solo challenge contributes to the community, which (when complete) will give you a fancy new racing suit.

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To start the 4/10-4/17 Live Event, jump into the campaign and scroll to the “Online” tab. Select the Live Event on the left to being ‘Arcade Dawn’ — make sure your game file is updated and that you’re online to register. You must register by clicking the ‘Arcade Dawn’ link in the “Online” tab once, or you won’t contribute to the solo or community rewards.

  • Quest: Arcade Dawn
    • Active Through: 4/10/18-4/17/18
    • Objective: Play ARCADE maps for 40 minutes. Any ARCADE maps will work!

This one is really, really simple. In the video above, we recommend going ingot the Solo / Co-Op tab in ARCADE and searching for the Top Ranked maps. From there, find the map “Upside Down” — you can’t die here. It’s a purely atmospheric maze map that takes about two minutes to complete if you sprint through it.

  • So, how do you play it for 40 minutes? Easy! Just idle. Go do your laundry, play some Gameboy, mess around on the phone — whatever you want to do. Just wait for 40 minutes (better to wait longer) and then complete the map.

After completing the map, return to the Online tab from the campaign to claim your rewards. You can collect the Vector (or the outfit, if the community manages to unlock it) from any General Store for free.