Detective Pikachu: The Complete Walkthrough | Part 8

[WARNING: contents of this article will spoil narrative.]

Detective Pikachu is rather unique in comparison to past installments of the hit Pokemon franchise. Within this video game, players will partner up with a talking Pikachu and solve a variety of mysterious cases. The overall game focuses on short QTE and gathering information.

Throughout the levels, players will need to find clues and speak with the NPCs to solve cases. In a sense, the game is a point-and-click type adventure title for the Nintendo 3DS. With that said, are you having trouble with a case? Then check out our walkthrough down below!

Walkthrough Table of Contents

  1. At GNN Pikachu will question Tim about why they came in the first place.

Why did we come to GNN?

  • The video
  1. Once inside speak with the woman standing around in the white shirt. She will tell you about GNN, Mimikyu and the show they are filming.
  2. Speak with the front desk and call for Emilia then speak to her in order to reach the studio.
  3. After you exit the elevator, look at the map on the wall and you’ll receive a copy for reference.
  4. Head into Studio 1 and you’ll get a tour before the video can be prepared for Tim.

Studio 1 Area

Question the following NPCs

  • Speak with Emilia and you’ll learn about Maximum Music.
  • Speak with the camera operator and you’ll learn about the staffing rumors.
  1. Head further into the studio and you’ll meet Max Warhol and Chatot. This will give you Max’s autograph.
  2. Interact with the Yanma Pokemon and a cutscene will take place introducing players with Keith Norman, the Assistant Director and Olga Ellison, the Music Critic.
  3. After the cutscene go back and speak with Roger who will have Emilia take you to the sub-control room.

Sub-control Room Area
  1. Once inside the Sub-control room, Tim will meet Hiro who will show how the film with the Yanma camera crew.
  2. At this point, players can decide how to shoot the film.
Camera Solution
  • Film to the right
  • Film to the left
  • Film above
  • Move in
  1. After filming the movie, head back to the studio.

Studio 1 Area
  1. Go up and speak with Pikachu which will trigger a conversation with Olga and Ethan.
  2. Players are now forced to find the missing Purugly.
  3. Head out of the studio area and check the dressing rooms.

Carina Mitchell Dressing Room Area
  1. Speak with the Kricketune about Purugly.
  2. Speak with Carina about the Krickentune.

Max Warhol Dressing Room Area
  1. Speak with Max about Purugly.
  2. Afterwards, walk across the hallway to the other side and you’ll run into the Mimikyu.
  3. Head into the room that has the Mawile and look at the cage to learn about the Magnemite inside. Likewise, you can speak with the lady to hear her suspicions about the room being unlocked.
  4. Before leaving, speak with the Mimikyu to hear its thoughts on the Magnemite.

Olga’s Dressing Room
  1. Speak with Olga and ask about the Purugly.
  2. Pikachu will then alert Tim to figure out where Purugly has gone.
Where has Purugly gone? Memo
  • Stealing a spot
  • Magnemite
  • Mimikyu & Magnemite’s cage
  • Finally select the room that has the Magnemite’s cage which is the top left room.
  1. Head to the room and a cutscene will take place.
  2. Leave the room and you’ll be instantly taken to the Sub-control room to alert Hiro which will lead to a cutscene with Magnamite.

Studio 1 Area
  1. Speak with Olga and a conversation between Max, Olga and Tim will take place. During this conversation, you’ll learn about Chatot’s signal.
  2. After the conversation, speak with Hiro which will start a new cutscene.
  3. When the cutscene ends, speak with Hiro and another cutscene will take place.
  4. During the cutscene, Carina’s violin will be destroyed leaving Tim to investigate the situation.
  5. Speak with the Yanma about the accident to get their statement.
  6. After the Yanma, speak with Hiro where you’ll be alerted to speak with Hoothoot.
  7. Speaking with the Assistant Director will also provide Tim with the script for their upcoming show.
  8. Head towards the right with the couch set and speak with the cameraman about the accident and you’ll obtain the cue sheet.
  9. Keith will have the other cue sheet when you exit out of the studio area.

Dressing Room Area
  1. Head into the nearby dressing room and speak with Max and Chatot which you’ll learn more about the Pokemon’s cues.
  2. Head into the Sub-control room

Sub-control Room Area
  1. Speak with the bald man about the cue sheets and you’ll get the master cue sheet.
  2. Speak with the Hoothoot about the Yanma signal.
  3. Pikachu will then alert time to look at the past evidence gathered.
Why did the Yanma run into each other? Memo
  • The first cue sheet & Master cue sheet
  1. After the memo go back and speak with Carina about the violin then speak with Krickentune about the violin message.
  2. Pikachu will state that he didn’t see the message on the violin when he picked up the pieces. As a result, Tim should go and investigate the violin pieces on the table.  We’ll then know that the violin had been swapped out before the incident.

Continue on to our next Walkthrough part to find out who the real culprit is.

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