Detective Pikachu: The Complete Walkthrough | Part 3

[WARNING: contents of this article will spoil narrative.]

Detective Pikachu is rather unique in comparison to past installments of the hit Pokemon franchise. Within this video game, players will partner up with a talking Pikachu and solve a variety of mysterious cases. The overall game focuses on short QTE and gathering information.

Throughout the levels, players will need to find clues and speak with the NPCs to solve cases. In a sense, the game is a point-and-click type adventure title for the Nintendo 3DS. With that said, are you having trouble with a case? Then check out our walkthrough down below!

Walkthrough Table of Contents

PCL Area
  1. Go to the security guard and head inside the PCL. You’ll find a map on the wall near the copier. From there you will need to sit down and wait for the director.

Vial Case
  1. Head with Fridge through the lobby door and reach his laboratory.
  2. Here you will need to assist Wallace
  3. Head to the courtyard and get the passcode.
  4. Go to the whiteboard in the meeting room and interact with it.
  5. You will now have to complete “What’s the Passcode?
    1. The whiteboard will alerts Tim to check the plants.
    2. At the library, interact with the plant at the left side. There will be a code.
    3.  The memo should now have the following Pokemon: Rotom, Garbodor, Trevenant, Fennekin.
    4.  Head to the courtyard door and input the code: Triangle, Star, Diamond, Square.
  6. Now progress through the doorway and enter into the courtyard and reach the next building and speak with Klefki.
  7. Head to Wallace’s lab through the door and speak with him. Afterwards you will go into the hallway in order to meet other NPCs around Carlos’s lab area.
  8.  Soon after, Pikachu will alert Tim to return back at the courtyard. Once you return, head and meet with the Shuckles.
  9. You will have to now solve the “How can we complete the experiment?
    1. Speak with Nina where you will have to find berries and a liquid mix.
    2. Shake the courtyard tree and obtain one Red along with one Yellow berry.
    3. At the Wallace lab, speak with Wallace and ask for a solution.
    4.  Return to Nina and speak with her where you will use the berries and the solution.
  10. Afterwards, players will gain access to the storage room and the director’s room.
  11. Speak with Shuckles and get the juice.
  12. Take the juice to Klefki and it will let you into the storage room where the vial will be located.

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