Detective Pikachu: The Complete Walkthrough | Part 6

[WARNING: contents of this article will spoil narrative.]

Detective Pikachu is rather unique in comparison to past installments of the hit Pokemon franchise. Within this video game, players will partner up with a talking Pikachu and solve a variety of mysterious cases. The overall game focuses on short QTE and gathering information.

Throughout the levels, players will need to find clues and speak with the NPCs to solve cases. In a sense, the game is a point-and-click type adventure title for the Nintendo 3DS. With that said, are you having trouble with a case? Then check out our walkthrough down below!

Walkthrough Table of Contents

Lake Area
  1. At this point, we’re attempting to figure out the “scary” Pokemon in the lake.  You can speak with the Pokemon around the area but more importantly, there is a broken fishing rod towards the left side of the small island area likewise there is a broken bottle nearby. Go ahead and pick these items up.
  2. Go by the tree and investigate the tree then there will be something bubbling in the lake revealing the Pokemon to be Crawdaunt.
  3. Now that you know it’s a Crawdaunt, speak with all the NPCs in the area to learn about key attributes of the Pokemon.
  4. Head towards the shore line of the area away from Crawdaunt and pick up the floating piece of wood. Likewise, there is a wooden box fragment you can collect slightly out into the lake area.
What is the truth of the fog situation memo
  • Territorial
  • Broken box > Tree claw marks

Waals’ Home Area
  1. At Waal’s home, Tim must figure out who brought the Crawdaunt in the area. Leave the home and you’ll run into the transportation to build a new bridge. Go and speak with the man in charge of transportation and question him.
  2. With the conversation, you’ll learn about the Timburr and the flag system they use to transport the boxes.
  3. Go to the bulletin board and investigate the various records.
  4. Speak with home owners to assure they received their packages on time.
  5. When you reached Waal’s home, you’ll hit a new cutscene.
  6. After the cutscene go inside Waal and ask about his deliveries, but according to Waal he didn’t receive a package.
  7. Ask Waal about the package followed by asking the Chief.
  8. Speaking with the Chief you will have to ask about the deliveries he will bring up the sorting process.
  9. Speak with the Timburr about the package deliveries and it will reveal the dougnut mark.

Lake Area
  1. You will speak with the Fletchling right when you enter the Lake area along with the Feebas. Feebas will alert of a strange thing in the lake and bring up a broken wooden sign, similar to the one you found on the island.
  2. Progressing forward, you’ll hit a new cutscene.
  3. After the cutscene, look at the evidence gathered against Waals
  4. Speak with Pikachu and alert him that you want to make the doughnut mark.
How can we make a doughnut mark? Memo
  • This is a simply puzzle, all you have to do is arrange the pieces to resemble the doughnut mark.

Waals’ Home Area
  1. When you are back at Waals’ home area, you will be led by Timburr’s and Milo to the Lake area until you reach a new cutscene.
  2. After the area is cleared, you can investigate and find the missing doughnut shaped flag.
  3. Go back to Louise and Spritzee and question them but you’ll then find that Tim will need some help.
  4. Head to Waals’ home and a new cutscene will take place.

Who is the culprit?

  • Louise


  • The flag

What did Louise prepare?

  • The box


  • Sprtizee

Waals’ Home Area
  1. Back at Waals’ home, question him about R.
  2. Leave Waals’ and bid Milo a farewell. He can be found where we last saw him by the broken area with Milotic.
  3. Afterwards you can head back to the boat with Amanda.

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