Detective Pikachu: The Complete Walkthrough | Part 1

[WARNING: contents of this article will spoil narrative.]

Detective Pikachu is rather unique in comparison to past installments of the hit Pokemon franchise. Within this video game, players will partner up with a talking Pikachu and solve a variety of mysterious cases. The overall game focuses on short QTE and gathering information.

Throughout the levels, players will need to find clues and speak with the NPCs to solve cases. In a sense, the game is a point-and-click type adventure title for the Nintendo 3DS. With that said, are you having trouble with a case? Then check out our walkthrough down below!

Walkthrough Table of Contents

The Beginning
  1. At this point there’s nothing really of interest for Tim so progress to the right. While you can speak to the NPCs, nothing of importance is shared so keep moving until you reach a QTE.


  • Hot Dog Throw – A
  • Hot Dog Cart – Tap A
  • Pick Up Pikachu – Tap A
    • After the QTE you’ll be taken to a new area in which your detective skills start to come into play.
Necklace Case
  • Note: Below are the witnesses that have useful information to the case and the choices to select.

Young Girl

  1. Ask about the necklace

Furfrou Woman

  1. Examine the ketchup tail print.
  2. Ask about the ketchup

Man With Hat

  1. Ask about the ketchup

Man With Hat

  1. Ask about the Aipom
  2. Ask about the Ketchup

Woman Near White Paint Trail

  1. Ask about the Aipom
  2. Ask about the pain traces


  1. Ask about the Aipom


  1. Ask about the Aipom
  2. Ask about the Ketchup
  1. Examine White Paint on Shutter
  2. Ketchup print on Electrical Box
Case Notes
  1. Left Square: The Aipom with ketchup on it
  2. Top Square: Ketchup
  3. Right Square: White paint

Locating The Aipom
  1. Now that we have entered the park you’ll find the Aipom is unconscious with the necklace still missing.
  2. First you’ll want to examine the unconscious Aipom.
Case Notes
  1. Use the information we’ve gathered from the unconscious Aipom to note that you’ll need to find four feathers in order to find the owner of the black feather found on the Aipom.

At the fountain, you’ll need to question certain NPCs.


  1. Ask about the black feature
  2. As about bird pokemon
    • Pokemon by fountain
    • Pokemon by café
    • Pokemon by nature
      • Ask about the trash

Guy in sweater

  1. Ask about black feature
  2. Ask about Aipom
  3. Find out what he’s doing


  • The pokemon will fly away when you try to speak with it. You’ll need to buy food from the Café and then give the food to the guy in the suit.
  1. Ask for a feature
Café Area

Old Man

  1. Ask about the Aipom
  2. Ask about the black feather

Man with green shirt

  1. Ask about the necklace
  2. Ask about the black feather


  1. Ask about the necklace
  2. Ask about the black feather


  1. Ask about the Necklace
  2. Ask about the black feather
    1. Once you have finished with your conversation with Taillow leave the area and then go back to the table and pick up the Taillow feather.
Lake Area

Man With Hat

  1. Show the black feather
  2. Ask about the Starly
  3. Ask about the Murkrow
    1. Ask about the Aipom
  • Head to the Mightena and speak with it to find that there is a missing Poochyena. In order to find the missing Poocheyna, head to the Café and interact with the dark green bush near the old man.


  1. The nest will be in the thick tree by the Lake which will activate a QTE.
  2. After you climb the tree, obtain the Murkrow feather to reveal it’s a match and then question the Murkrow which will unveil information about the Burmy by the fountain.

The Missing Burmey
  1. Go back to the Fountain area and interact with the tree next to the unconscious Aipom. The missing Burmy will fall out and you’ll be able to question it.
  2. Now head to the café area and find that the tree your next missing Burmy is in will be protected by a Wormaddam. You’ll have to talk to the woman in the white shirt about Burmy who will lead you to the old man.
  3. The old man will tell Tim about the various cloaks which will prompt players to reach the fountain area and speak with the boy who has a soccer ball. This will finally lead you to the man who had lost his pen and that will trigger a new cutscene.
Case Notes

Now that you have all the information you need to solve the Trash Cloak you can solve your first case.

  • Left Square: Leaves
  • Right Square: The trash was gone.

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