Detective Pikachu: The Complete Walkthrough | Part 4

[WARNING: contents of this article will spoil narrative.]

Detective Pikachu is rather unique in comparison to past installments of the hit Pokemon franchise. Within this video game, players will partner up with a talking Pikachu and solve a variety of mysterious cases. The overall game focuses on short QTE and gathering information.

Throughout the levels, players will need to find clues and speak with the NPCs to solve cases. In a sense, the game is a point-and-click type adventure title for the Nintendo 3DS. With that said, are you having trouble with a case? Then check out our walkthrough down below!

Walkthrough Table of Contents

PCL Area
    1. Head to the courtyard where you can help with the TV shoot. You’ll need to speak with Emilia.

The Black Shadow
  1. Speak with NPCs around the area.

Courtyard NPCs

  • Nina
  • Director
  • Fennekin
  • Phantump
  • Shuckle

Indoor NPCs

  • Klefki
  • Duosion
  • Carlos
  • Fridge
  • Minccino
  • Director
  • Rita
    • Surveillance cameras > eventual Laboratory testimony
  1. After Rita you will need to head back to the Director’s office and question about the previous facility.
  2. Go to the Library and interact with the shelves until you locate the “The Found Members of PCL”
  3. Adjust the library thermostat
  4. We should now know that the black shadow is caused by Gengar and we’ll have to catch it.

Gengar Trap
  1. Speak with the Director then head to the storeroom.
  2. At the storeroom you will collect the equipment on the table then head to the meeting room to catch the Gengar.
  3. After you have caught the Gengar you can question it.
    1. Motive
    2. Friends
    3. Library Device
The Secret Library
  1. Head to the Library and pull the books in the order Gengar stated which is Yellow > Blue > Green > Red
  2. At the underground laboratory collect the lunch evidence on the table and the notes.
  3. Then go to the table towards the back and grab the other set of notes.
  4. Go to the machine and interact with it to grab the vial where Pikachu will have his bolt of brilliance moment.
  5. Select the New Research Log as the evidence.
  6. Head back outside of the room and then look at the security footage by asking the PCL lady behind the desk.
  7. At the meeting select Carlos as the culprit.
    1. The first proof will be the leftovers.
    2. The second proof will be the research log.
    3. The third proof will be the camera image.
  1. Pikachu asked when Tim suspected Carlos as the suspect. The answer will be “when we found the basement.”

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