The Surge: Liberator’s Audio Log Locations | Collectibles Guide

If your goal is to collect all the items in The Surge you’ll need to hunt down all the Liberator audio logs. There are a total of four audio logs within the game and they are spread out through a variety of areas. Here are the locations of each of the four which are spread out in different areas.

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Audio Log #1 “Arrest Warrant” – Abandoned Production

The first audio log which is known as “Arrest Warrant” can be found within the Power Plant section of the area. To obtain the audio log, you will have to reach the contact station and interact with it.

Audio Log #2 “Victim #7” – Resolve Biolabs

While at the Resolve Biolabs, you’ll come across a broken opening that will take you into a tunnel-based system. Head into the tunnels and you’ll find the “Victim #7” audio log near a set of stairs.

Audio Log #3 “Concerning Ed” – Resolve Biolabs

The third audio log “Concerning Ed” is near the second audio log. Simply keep going forward and make your way into the laboratories. Once there, go down the flights of stairs until you reach an opening room with workstations. You’ll find the audio log sitting on one of the workstations.

Audio Log #4 “Interrogation Expert” – Executive Area

The fourth and final audio log “Interrogation Expert” can be found right when you enter the Re-Education Camp area. It will be hidden behind a decorative wall.

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