The Surge: How To Defeat P.A.X. | Boss Guide

Need a hand when battling P.A.X. from The Surge? Look no further as we have combined a quick guide to show how you can take down the first boss in the game. While P.A.X. may be the first boss in The Surge, it’s always best to go in with decent gear and it helps if you are able to get the upper hand by finding a way to take the enemy down efficiently.

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As mentioned, P.A.X. is the first boss in The Surge, but don’t underestimate him as he can certainly deliver a mean attack that could end your game quickly. It’s best to equip yourself for a tough fight, but with P.A.X., gamers will find themselves in more of a puzzle than an intense brawl.

You’ll find P.A.X. after activating the power for the train and this behemoth of a boss will prevent you from progressing any further.

To defeat P.A.X. it’s best to jump around and go for quick attacks at the start. P.A.X. will have no problem swinging his arms or stomping down in hopes of crushing you to bits.

The best maneuver is to attack the back of his legs. Take a few hits then get out of there. You’ll find that his health meter won’t go down but instead, an orange meter will fill up.

Your goal is to fill that meter which will cause P.A.X to shoot out a few missiles that will automatically track you. This is actually a good thing as you can quickly hide under P.A.X. and have his missiles do your dirty work.

These missiles will eventually cause P.A.X. to fall down allowing you to attack his central motor which will help bring his health down.

Eventually, P.A.X. will raise back up in which you’ll repeat the process all over again until P.A.X. is down for the count.

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