The Surge: How To Defeat The Black Cerberus | Boss Guides

The fourth boss within The Surge is known as The Black Cerberus. This particular boss introduces gamers with a past boss you faced against earlier in the game. If you need a hand in dealing with The Black Cerberus then read how to defeat the boss in three stages below.

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Part A

Gamers will first meet The Black Cerberus when he is speaking to a number of CREO enemies. Wait until his little speech to the soldiers is done then jump down and begin the battle.

This first section is relatively easy as you’ll be baiting the boss to start a combo attack. At this point, you’ll dodge The Black Cerberus and then jump back in for a few quick attack hits.

Repeat this process until The Black Cerberus loses enough health and triggers the second stage of the battle.

Part B

Once The Black Cerberus loses enough health he will flee into a room that is blocked off by shields. It’s here that you’ll be facing against P.A.X. which is the first boss you dealt with in the game.

This P.A.X. boss is a bit smarter in the sense that he won’t fire missiles that can be used against himself. Likewise, you can’t simply defeat the boss and continue on with The Black Cerberus.

Instead, there will be two cylinder machines that must be destroyed otherwise defeating the P.A.X. without destroying the cylinder machines will allow The Black Cerberus to call in another P.A.X.

A means to destroy the cylinders is by placing yourself in front of one and wait for the P.A.X. boss to fire an attack in which you can dodge. This will allow the cylinder to be damage, repeat this process until both cylinders are destroyed.

After the cylinders are destroyed, you can defeat P.A.X. A more detailed breakdown as to how you can defeat the boss can be found in our P.A.X. boss guide here.

Part C

Note: At the end of the fight, you’ll have the ability to slice off a limb which we suggest choosing his right arm to receive his electric ax.

After the destruction of the cylinders and P.A.X., The Black Cerberus will return with a new attack that can deal damage to a wide area. You’ll want to be careful and maneuver away from the boss when this attack starts.

To defeat The Black Cerberus you will continue attacking him just as you did in Part A.

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