The Surge: How To Defeat Big Sister 1/3 | Boss Guide

Need a hand with battling Big Sister 1/3 from The Surge? Here’s a quick guide on how you can deal with this machine efficiently, but this is one boss that you’ll want to time out carefully with your attacks.

Similar from Firebug, the next boss is known as Big Sister 1/3 has more than just one part to the battle. In fact, it has more than Firebug with the battle taking about three parts before the boss is destroyed.

Note: Health injectors are your friend in this battle!

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Part A


The first thing Big Sister 1/3 will throw at you is her clamps. She has two and they are used to hit and grab you so you’ll need to dodge quite a bit. Outside of the clamps, Big Sister 1/3 will shoot a laser, though it’s easy to avoid, but something you’ll want to keep an eye on.

The goal here is to dodge her clamp attack and strike it before she retracts the arm. Don’t target one arm entirely as Big Sister 1/3 will use the opposite clamp to attack next.

Keep dodging the clamps and attacking them until they are destroyed.

Part B

Moving up after defeating the clamps you’ll be greeted with several more arms, each holding a blade. The number of arms can be a bit overwhelming at first so it’s best to stick to one side of the platform at a time and work from there.

With that said, pick a side and slowly take out the arms while dodging her attacks. It may be tedious, but after taking care of all these arms, you’ll be forced to move up.

Part C

As mentioned, players will be forced into moving up after Part B, this is because of the platform being electrocuted.

This final part is where the boss battle becomes a bit more tedious as players will be dodging more than attacking.

It’s within this section that players are right up against Big Sister 1/3’s core. During this battle, dodge the several arms that Big Sister 1/3 will be using to attack you and from there take a few hits at the core.

This will take a bit of time and patience, but after so long gamers will defeat Big Sister 1/3.

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