The Surge: How To Collect Schematics | Equipment Guides

Need a hand when it comes to collecting schematics in The Surge? One of the key aspects in progressing within the game is to upgrading your exosuit. Players are able to place new armor and weapon pieces in order to give you a boost in attack or defense.

In order to gather these specific items, you’ll need to first find the schematics and from there you’ll be able to craft the item. Here’s a quick guide on how you can gather schematics.

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Step #1

The absolute first thing you’ll want to do is decide what equipment you’re looking to farm. A schematic for armor is obtained specifically by what your enemy is wearing, so if you’re looking for a particular item such as a specific helmet, you’ll need to track down the enemy wearing that helmet.

Step #2

To obtain the schematic for the particular item you wish to craft, you’ll have to target that specific body part during a fight.

  • Note: Depending on the body part, vertical or horizontal attacks will work best in weakening the item and opponent.

Step #3

It’s important that you don’t kill your opponent with a slew of attacks. Essentially, during these attacks, you are building up your meter so that you’ll be able to do a finisher while also weakening the item you’re trying to farm the schematic for.

Step #4

When you managed to fill your meter up and believe the item has been weakened, conduct the finishing move that will allow the protagonist to slice off the body part.

Step #6

There’s a good chance the schematic for the item will drop allowing players to pick it up and craft it if they have the required materials. However, it’s not a guaranteed that a schematic will drop every time. So if it doesn’t drop, you’ll have to go out and continue to farm for the item.

Step #7


From here, you can craft the specific item that the schematic is for, but that will mean having the particular materials to make the item.

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