The Surge: Mallory’s Audio Logs Locations | Collectibles Guide

If your goal is to collect all the items in The Surge you’ll need to hunt down all the Mallory Stark audio logs. There is a total of eleven audio logs within the game and they are spread out through a variety of areas. Here are the locations of all the audio logs for Mallory Stark.

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Audio Log #1 “Waiting For Help” – Central Production B

  • The “Waiting For Help” audio log can be found in the Central Production B area near the medical bay.

Audio Log #2 “The Nightmare Begins” – Central Production B

  • The next audio log in our list “The Nightmare Begins” is also within the Central Production B at the bottom layer of this area. You’ll find a small arena area with shipping containers, in which the second audio log is sitting next to.

Audio Log #3 “Waiting in Vain” – Central Production B

  • Head towards Support Link 2, once there, keep heading down the hall and go up the ramp. This will lead to a room with the “Waiting in Vain” audio log sitting on a desk.

Audio Log #4 “Journey in the Dark” – Central Production B

  • For the “Journey in the Dark” audio log, you’ll need to make your way through the Toxic Waste Disposal area. From there, locate the stairs and go up to them along with the second set of stairs ahead of it. The audio log will be resting towards the ledge of the stairs.

Audio Log #5 “Chaos Theory” – Central Production B

  • The “Chaos Theory” audio log will be available near the medical bay. This will be after you come back to the Central Productions B which you can collect the audio log through a contact station.

Audio Log #6 “Behind the Curtain” – Research and Development

  • For the “Behind the Curtain” audio log, you’ll want to head into the Nano Production Hall. Use the Exo-Suit lift and head to through the tunnel-type system. You’ll find the audio log within the left-hand side.

Audio Log #7 “Dangerous Game” – Executive Area

  • For the “Dangerous Game” audio log you’ll want to head towards the Towering Eye. Similar to the previous audio log, this one is also in a tunnel system.

Audio Log #8 “Deeper into the Burrow” – Executive Area

  • To obtain the “Deeper into the Burrow” audio log, head up the elevator from the Black Cerberus Boss area. The Audio log will be found within the room the elevator stops at.

Audio Log #9 “Betrayed” – Executive Area

  • For the “Betrayed” audio log, you’ll need to head to the CERO Executive Forum. The audio log can be found within the left-hand side tunnel system.

Audio Log #10 “Alone” – Executive Area

  • The “Alone” audio log can be found in the decorative rock bed in the CERO Executive Forum area.

Audio Log #11 “Part of the Machine” – Executive Area

  • Within the CERO Executive Forum area, you can locate the “Part of the Machine” audio log by going through the right-hand side tunnel system and using the Exo-Suit lift to reach the bottom area where the audio log is near a dead body.

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