Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 2: Under Pressure Release Date Announced

Telltale Games have took to their blog to announce the release date for episode 2 of the critically acclaimed Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Episode 2, being titled as Under Pressure, will release next month on June 6 for all platforms. The episode will be a tense one as Star Lord and co. will have to figure out how to control the power of the new mysterious relic from episode one.

In “Under Pressure,” the Guardians just can’t seem to outrun the past (or their tab), but if they figure out how to control the untold power of their mysterious new relic, they might not have to. With help from dubious old friends and unwilling new allies, Star-Lord and company scour the galaxy for answers. But how long can they elude the genocidal maniac hunting them? And will simmering tensions finally tear the team apart?

And get ready to delve into a certain Rocket Raccoon’s past…

Just like with any Telltale adventure game, players have puzzles to solve, quick time events, and a number of choices to progress the story.

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