The Surge: How To Defeat LU- 74 Firebug | Boss Guide

Need a hand with battling Firebug from The Surge? Here’s a quick guide on how you can deal with this machine efficiently, but this is one boss that you’ll want to time out carefully with your attacks.

You’ll find LU-74 Firebug after clearing the Central Production B in which you’ll come across a big open room that have players encountering the boss.

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Note: When dealing with LU-74 Firebug, you’ll have to fight against two separate transformations. Both are dangerous to mess with even with a better defensive armor set, so it’s best to carefully time your attacks and not greedy!

Part A

At the start of the fight, players will be against a robot with six arms that can hover about. Your first goal in this battle is to remove a few arms.

The best way to do this is to wait for Firebug to slam its legs down into the ground. Target a leg and give it a hit or two followed by running away from the machine.

Keep up with the process until you are able to slice off a few arms triggering a special event to play out.

Part B

After cutting off enough arms, the Firebug boss will drop to the floor and blow you away from a blast. This will indicate the last section of the fight and just as Part A, this second half of the battle will require patience.

There are a couple attacks that the FireBug can dish out to players. It can charge after you while spinning its arms or shoot out flame attacks, both will cause major damage to the player so it’s recommended you stay away and time your attacks.

All-in-all, there are two methods of fighting Firebug during this second stage, the first is a bit more challenging though faster while the latter is slower but a bit safer.

The first method is to wait for the machine to hover and use its jets to shoot out flames around the area. Time the attack and get under the Firebug where you can attack its weak point.

If you’re not fond of this method, another method that has proven to be popular is waiting for the machine to extend a blade in which you’ll dodge and begin hitting the Firebug boss with attacks.

Both processes will require players to be quick but not greedy. Ultimately, take a few hits and back off.

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