Friday the 13th: The Game | Counselor Perks List

Friday the 13th: The Game Counselor Perks List

Counselor perks in Friday the 13th: The Game are one of the reasons why no two games play out the same way. As you level up, you will earn customization points that will allow you to roll various counselor perks. These perks can range from giving you a slight advantage, to giving such a large advantage that the opposing Jason player will have to plan around them. Perks are a great way to play to the strengths, or shore up weaknesses of each counselor. Read below for our counselor perks list.

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Rolling Perks

Rolling perks in Friday the 13th: The Game is a very straightforward process. From the customization screen for counselors just click on the perks section and navigate to ‘Roll Perk’. It will cost 500 CP every time you want to roll a counselor perk. CP is earned naturally when playing the game. Upon rolling a perk you will be presented with an animated screen showing what perk was rolled, the positive effect and amount, and the negative effect and amount. Perks come in Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic qualities. Higher quality perks provide greater positive effects and lower negative effects.

Friday the 13th: The Game Counselor Perks List
Rolling an uncommon ‘Sneaky’ Perk with no negative effects.


Rolling perks is a very random process and almost every attempt will result in something different. When you receive a perk you wish to use simply head to the counselor customization screen and equip it. You can have the same perk equipped on as many counselors as you like so there is no need for duplicate perks.


Friday the 13th: The Game Counselor Perks List
Jenny with her brand new ‘Sneaky’ Perk equipped.

Counselor Perks List

Adrenaline Rush
Increased Stamina Boost after breaking free from Jason’s grasp.

  • + Stamina Boost Increase
  • – Stamina Regen

Increased Dodge Speed while in Combat Stance

  • + Dodge Speed
  • – More Damage Taken

You do increased melee damage when near other survivors.

  • + Attack Damage Increased
  • – Melee Stun Chance Decreased

Grease Monkey
Car starting and re-starting times decreased.

  • + Car Start Time Decreased
  • – Boat Start Time Penalty

Increases the amount of XP gained while equipped.

  • + Extra Experience Points Earned
  • – Melee Damage Penalty

Heavy Hitter
Increased melee stun time when striking Jason with a baseball bat.

  • + Increased Melee Stun Time With Bat
  • – Stamina Regen

Heavy Mover
Barricade doors quicker.

  • + Faster Barricading Speed
  • – Noise Generating Penalty

Heavy Sleeper
While inside a sleeping bag, you have a chance to avoid Jason’s Sense ability each time he used it.

  • + Sense Avoidance Chance
  • – Fear Rate Penalty

Medical spray healing increased. Start with a medical spray.

  • + Medical Spray Healing Increased
  • – More Damage Taken

Ice Cold
You experience less fear when seeing the dead body of another counselor.

  • + Dead Body Fear Resistance
  • – Sprint Speed Decrease

Level Headed
Chance to completely avoid detection during Jason’s Sense ability.

  • + Sense Avoidance Chance
  • – Noise Generating Penalty

Lone Wolf
You generate less fear when alone.

  • + Fear Resistance
  • – Noise Generation Penalty

Man at Arms
Increases weapon durability for all weapons, allowing you to attack more before they break.

  • + Weapon Durability
  • – Melee Stun Chance

Increases your total stamina, allowing you to sprint for a longer duration.

  • + Overall Stamina
  • – Stamina Regen

Get two uses from each medical spray. Also increases healing when using a medical spray.

  • + Healing Increase
  • – More Damage Taken

Increased boat speed when you are at the helm.

  • + Boat Speed Increased
  • – Car Speed Decreased

My Dad’s a Cop
Cops arrive quicker if you are the one who calls them.

  • + Faster Police Arrival Speed
  • – Car Speed

Night Owl
Reduced fear penalties from darkness.

  • + Darkness Fear Resistance Bonus
  • – Noise Generating Penalty

Quiet Swimmer
Water noise reduced, and chances of being detected by Jason’s Sense ability while in water reduced.

  • + Sense Avoidance Chance
  • – Fear Resistance Penalty

Stamina recharge rate increased, allowing stamina to be recharged quicker while standing still or crouching.

  • + Stamina Recharge Rate
  • – Sprint Speed

Escape from Jason’s traps and counselor placed bear traps more easily.

  • + Trap Escape Bonus
  • – More Damage Taken

Melee damage is increased and start the match with a baseball bat in hand.

  • + Attack Damage
  • – Melee Stun Chance

Move faster while going through windows and getting in or out of hiding spots.

  • + Windows and Hiding Spot Speed Increased
  • – More Damage Taken

Spatial Awareness
Your chances of stumbling while running and sprinting are reduced.

  • + Stumble Avoidance Increased
  • – Noise Generating Penalty

Speed Demon
Increases vehicle speed while escaping alone.

  • + Vehicle Speed Increased
  • – Repair Speed Decreased

Sucker Punch
Increases your chances of stunning Jason with melee attacks.

  • + Melee Stun Chance Increased
  • – Sprint Speed Reduced

Swift Attacker
Increases your melee attack speed with all weapons.

  • + Melee Attack Speed
  • – Attack Damage

Thick Skinned
Take less damage from all incoming attacks.

  • + Attack Damage Resistance Increased
  • – Stumble Chance Penalty