Illfonic Releases List of Known Issues Friday the 13th: The Game; Promises Solutions Soon

Friday the 13th: The Game is out, and it’s not enjoying the smoothest of launches. However, Gun Media and Illfonic are aware of the issues, and are working on fixing them as soon as possible. The studio even released a detailed list of the known issues with the game, and promised a fix for each soon enough.

Here is a list of the common issues:

1) PS4 North America DLC codes are showing up as “Inactive” – Currently the DLC codes are inactive because we are waiting for final review of a patch by Sony. Once this is approved, the codes will begin working. We expect approval soon.

2) Some Xbox One Full Game Digital Codes were not delivered – There is a small percentage of backers that have yet to receive codes. We received fewer codes than were needed from Microsoft and are working to rectify this. We will send these out as soon as they are received. We apologize for the delay/inconvenience.

3) PS4 EU/AUS DLC Codes have not been received yet – We are waiting to receive codes for the Savini DLC and the Counselor Clothing Pack for the EU/AUS region. As soon as these codes are received we will get them out to you.

4) Steam DLC not showing up in game – Currently the Savini Jason Skin DLC and Counselor Clothing Pack do not show up in the game after the code is entered. The team at Illfonic is working on a patch to address this issue. Do not worry, the items are there and associated with your account, they will be fully enabled soon in the next update.

5) Steam Dedicated Server Downtime – We are currently being slammed by thousands and thousands of players and had our servers go down. The servers should be back up, but there is a chance of downtime as we manage server load and spin up more servers to meet demand. If you encounter a server error, please try playing a Private Match with friends. If you need to find players please head over to the Steam Forums to get together with other Friday the 13th: The Game fans.

6) Hard to Quick Match on Steam Version in the EU – We are currently increasing the amount of dedicated servers in the EU. Thank you for understanding and please be patient as they are spun up and come online.

7) Not Enough Dedicated Australia Game Servers on Steam – Game servers are being spun up in Australia to accommodate demand. Please be patient as they begin to come online.

8) Steam Backend Profile Database Servers Being Upgraded – The Player Profiles and Stat Servers that track player progression are being crushed under the weight of all the players logging on to play the game this Memorial Day weekend. If you noticed issues with your progression level, this is why. The team is currently working to migrate all data over to a beefier tier of Amazon servers. Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for updates on this.

9) Friday the 13th: The Game is not available in the PS4 Asia Region yet – Due to certification submission issues, the game is not yet available in the Asia Region on PS4. Please bear with us as we work towards getting the game up in this region.

Have you encountered any of the mentioned errors?