Gears of War 4: Get a Freeze Gun With This Insane-Difficulty Easter Egg

On Xbox One & PC: “It’s ICE to see you!” in this amazing Easter egg. Here’s how to get a Freeze Gun in the Insane difficulty Prologue chapter.


The Gears of War 4 Easter eggs have truly landed with this awesome Freeze Gun found in the Prologue chapter. The secret weapon launches balls of explosive ice that freeze enemies solid, allowing your COG trooper to shatter them at your leisure. This is a totally optional weapon, and (as far as we know) can only be found in the early Prologue, and only on Insane difficulty.

Learn all about this chilling weapon in the full guide below, and don’t miss out on all the extra Gears of War 4 Easter eggs we’ve discovered so far. There’s plenty more where this came from.

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“Despicable You” Freeze Gun Easter Egg

The hidden Easter egg gun, called the ‘Despicable You’ fires an ice-y projectile that instantly freezes any enemies the pop of frozen energy touches. It only has 12 shots, so fire that weapon carefully! The gun is clearly a reference to the Ice Beam from the film Despicable Me, used by the (not so) evil protagonist Gru.


How to Find the Ice Beam:

The ice-cold Easter egg gun can be found in Act 1 – Chapter 0: Prologue.

  • Requirements: The gun will only appear when playing on INSANE difficulty.

After clearing the bunkers, you’ll move through a giant gate and into a long exterior corridor. At the far end of the area, there’s a garage door that is slowly closing in the back-right corner, before reaching the stairs leading up.

Enter the small hangar to find this very note-worthy weapon on a crate. The “Despicable You” comes equipped with 12 blasts of ice-pellets that freeze opponents on impact. You can freeze multiple opponents at a time, but unfortunately there’s no way to reload.

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