The Silver Case has Launched


The Silver Case was initially released exactly 17 years ago by Suda51. But now, English speaking parts of the World get to experience this classic visual novel style adventure with this HD remaster release that came out today.

The plot puts you in the role of detectives at the Heinous Crimes Unit in the 24 Wards. They’re on the hunt for a serial killer and government assassin known as Kamui Uehara, but they don’t know much more about the identity of the individual. As a member of the “Republic” Special Forces Unit,  The Silver Case has you trying to solve this two decades old mystery. The Deluxe Version is jam-packed with bonus content. The Art Book collects together all the development artwork, including the new stuff made for this HD remaster edition. The Digital Comic adds a prologue and additional context to the opening of the game itself. Finally, the Original Soundtrack serves as a separate collection of all the tunes you’ll be hearing throughout the game. On top of all that, if you prefer a Physical Edition of the game, you can buy that here. It has the same bonus items from the Deluxe Version, but it all comes in a unique individually numbered box collection set.

The Silver Case is available now on PC (with a potential Mac version in the future). To learn more about the game, check out the developer’s website.