Tales of Berseria is Coming West This January


The Tales of Berseria RPG game may have already come out in Japan back in August, but Bandai Namco has finally confirmed the release date for the Western launch is set to be January of next year. There’s screenshots and video footage floating around of what this game is like, if you’re curious.

Berseria is set in the Holy Midgand Empire, and humans live alongside magic spirits known as Malakim. Humanity enslaved these beings for their supernatural potential. But the empire is in a spot of trouble as a disease called Daemonblight makes humans transform into Daemon creatures. The Holy Midgand Empire calls upon the forces of the Abbey to purge the Daemons from the lands once and for all. Velvet Crowe is the main character, and she’s at odds with the Abbey after an incident took place in her village several years ago. She enlists the help of a Malak named Laphicet and a ragtag group of friends as the game has her embark on a revenge quest.

The PS4 version of the game comes with a Collector’s Edition, that will be limited to only 10,000 copies ever circulated. For $149.99, you can snag a fancy set that includes: the prequel novel “A Witch’s Tale: A World Full of Daemons”, a set of trading cards, a starter strategy guide/artbook, an 8-bit retro keychain set, a music CD with a special selection of songs, Velvet and Laphicet Chibi Kyun Chara figures, and a SteelBook case.

Tales of Berseria releases on January 24th for PS4 and January 27th for PC. Learn more about the game on the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.