Fallout 4: Vault-Tec – How to Equip Settlers With Vault Suits

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: Turn your settlers into productive vault dwellers in the Vault-Tec Workshop. See all the steps involved right here.


Turn your settlers into true blue Vault Dwellers in the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC for Fallout 4.

Once you gain control of the new Vault 88 settlement, settlers will start streaming into the safety of a derelict bunker that you can customize. That includes running tests and other nefarious experiments on the fresh population. Whether you want to be a good or bad Overseer, we’ve got the answers to the big question; how do you turn grubby surface settlers into actual Vault Dwellers. Don’t worry, it isn’t too tricky — you just need Vault Suits and a Pipboy. Get all the details below.

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Vault-Tec – How to Equip Settlers With Vault Suits
  • To equip a settler with a Vault Suit and Pip-boy, you’ll need to complete the quest “A Model Citizen” and get started on Overseer Barstow’s ‘special project’.
  • Agree to help Overseer Barstow with her experiments. At the end of the quest, you’ll interview a settler named Clem. He’s your Vault Dweller test subject.
  • Complete talking to him, and you’ll begin the quest “Power to the People” — find all the gear for Clem in a Vault-Tec container near the Vault 88 entrance ramp
    • The container has (10) Vault 88 Jumpsuits and (10) Pip-boys.
  • To outfit Clem, follow these steps:
    • Talk to Clem to open his inventory.
    • Place one (1) Vault 88 jumpsuit and one (1) Pip-boy in Clem’s inventory.
    • The Pip-boy will automatically equip. It is located in the [Misc] category of your inventory.
    • Once the Vault 88 jumpsuit is in Clem’s inventory, select the suit and press [Triangle] on PS4. Press the [Equip] prompt on your platform to get Clem suited up.
  • Your first Vault Dweller is now outfitted!
  • The achievement / trophy will pop. Do the same for all your future residents — remember, just place a Vault Suit in a settler’s inventory, then select to [Equip] them.

Trophy / Achievement Unlocked:

  • Vault Dweller (Bronze):
    • Equip Vault 88 suit and Pip-boy on a settler