Black Ops 3: Gorod Krovi – How to Pack-A-Punch | Zombies Guide

Gorod Krovi has landed on PS4, and we’re ready to decipher all the secrets. Learn how to ride a dragon and reach the Pack-A-Punch right here.


Pack-A-Punch is an integral part of every Zombie survival map experience, and of course there’s one to activate in Black Ops 3 Descent map Gorod Krovi. The machine tends to involve early Easter Egg steps, so unlocking the Pack-A-Punch is a good way to get started on your quest. Don’t worry, unlocking the upgrade vendor isn’t as complicated this time around, and it can be done solo.

Gorod Krovi, the Zombies map included with DLC 3: Descent places the four time-travelling heroes in a Russian city besieged by giant robots and monstrous dragons. You’ll have to navigate the ruins and rubble to discover all the complex steps to unravel yet another insane Easter egg quest, filled with strange devices and mysteriously elaborate challenges.

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Gorod Krovi – Pack-A-Punch Guide

Want to Pack-A-Punch? Good. Here’s what you’ll want to make it happen.

Step #1: Turn On the Power

Start by open the doors to the Dragon Command area. It’s located in the huge government building up the steps from the square. That’s where the power switch is located.

Find the giant lever — it’s located on the machinery to the right of the interior steps in the lobby. Activate the lever to turn on the power for this map.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160712000657

Now something new will happen when you kill zombies — they drop new items called Code Cylinders.

Step #2: Charge the Groph Pods

There are three Code Cylinders you’ll now need to collect, and three locations to insert the Code Cylinders. They’ll appear after turning on the power in the Dragon Command room and randomly drop after killing zombies in their corresponding area.

  • Dragon Command Code Cylinder
  • Supply Depot Code Cylinder
  • Tank Factory Code Cylinder

In the same area as the Code Cylinder is dropped, activate a special machine called a ‘Groph Module’ — these will summon a pod. Quickly look in the sky after summoning the pod, and rush to the location marked with a bright green light shooting into the sky.

Defend the pod, killing zombies to charge the machine with their souls. Put enough souls into the machine to open it, then grab the Network Circuit piece. There are three of these Dragon Network Circuit pieces to collect.

Here are some things to remember:

  • You have to use the Code Cylinder you’re currently holding. You can’t stock up on all three! Use it on the Groph Module terminal and complete each pod before attempting to get more Code Cylinders.
  • The pods can be destroyed if you move too slow or let the zombies attack it for too long.

Step #3: Call the Dragon

Next, go to the Operations Bunker area. It’s located in the bombed-out basement. There’s a large machine labeled ‘Dragon Network’ on the front with three empty slots.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20160712000450

Insert all three of the Code Cylinders you’ve collected into the machine. The Dragon Control Network is not online and ready! Time to take control of a dragon.

Return to the Groph Module terminal in Dragon Command. Near that terminal, you’ll find a larger terminal that will summon a dragon to your location. It’s attached to a ‘U’-shaped catwalk, perfect for a dragon to stick it’s neck into.

Once the dragon arrives, wait for it to stand still — then approach the neck from one of the flanking catwalks and interact. You’ll jump on the dragon’s back and go for a ride! There are four stations on the dragon’s back, so all of your coop partners can ride with you.

A cutscene will initiate, flying across the wartorn city where the dragon will hover over a building. Jump through the huge hole in the rooftop to land inside a completely new room, not connected to the rest of the map.

Step #4: Pack-A-Punch!

Now that you’ve dropped into the building, go downstairs and use the Pack-A-Punch Machine. It’s stationed at a barricaded hallway at the base of the steps, blocking a bright blue light that’s filtering through the wreckage.

The Pack-A-Punch machine costs 2,500 points and will significantly increase the power of whichever weapon you insert. This is your first step into the wider world of Gorod Krovi, and escaping the room takes work too.

Found even more secrets we missed? How’s your Descent DLC experience going so far? Let us know what you think of Gorod Krovi in the comments!

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