Planet Coaster’s Free Winter Update Brings Festive Cheer

Players of Frontier Development’s roller coaster simulation game Planet Coaster are receiving an early Christmas present thanks to its free winter update.

Planet Coaster first came out in mid-November this year. Primarily a sandbox management style game, it lets players build a theme park to serve virtual patrons, offering safe rides and tempting attractions – or the complete opposite.

The update includes new rides, shops, management improvements, fresh coaster blueprints, and a winter theme:

New Rides

  • Collider! The winner of our community poll with 41.57% of the votes – a retro sci-fi ride with 20 swinging gondolas on a horizontal Ferris Wheel that rises to an angle of 87 degrees.
  • Bumpin Derby; a long-time favourite has found its way into Planet Coaster! Give a fist bump to these bonkers bumper cars!

New Shops

  • Cosmic Cow Ice Cream; get some actual snow cones!
  • Gulpee Soda; joining the Gulpee family!
  • Missy Good; donut worry, be happy! Missy Good’s sugary goodness will cheer you right up!
  • Pipshot; a healthy alternative to the fast food goodness – and there’s three of them! Pipshot Water, Pipshot Juice, and Pipshot Smoothie are going to blow your guests’ minds.
  • Pizza Pen; get it while it’s hot and cheesy!

New Coaster Blueprints

  • Screamer (the American Arrow)
  • Lycanthrope (Werewolf)
  • The Hunt (Pioneer)
  • Frenzy (Rage)
  • Trailer Blazer (Aethon)

Planet Coaster is now available on Steam for $44.99 USD for PC and Mac.