Planet Coaster Celebrates Release Announcement With An Explosive New Trailer

The developers at Frontier Developments have announced that their upcoming theme park simulation, Planet Coaster, will be releasing on November 17.

The upcoming game, which is inspired by the likes of Bullfrog’s classic game Theme Park and Rollercoaster Tycoon, puts players in the manager’s seat of their very own amusement park where they must serve the needs of thousands of virtual patrons—or ruin them.

Like any good theme park simulation, you can choose to build the best park ever, with the safest rides and most attractive offerings—or you can just let all of it go horribly wrong and watch as the park’s visitors scream in panic as flames erupt and rollercoasters lose control and go hurtling through the air before slamming into a massive crowd.

A newly released trailer commemorating the game’s impending release shows exactly what might happen in the event of such a disaster.