Planet Coaster Officially Launches in November


Back in the old glory days of PC gaming in the early 2000s, Rollercoaster Tycoon was the bee’s knees. Unfortunately those fun times didn’t last forever, and the series eventually faded away. But Frontier Developments is bringing that back with Planet Coaster, a next generation rebirth of the rollercoaster park management simulation genre.

This game has been available to play in Alpha and Early Access for quite some time now, with the latest of these updates expected to arrive on August 27th. It comes with water/desert terrains and new rides to try out, and even the ability to share blueprints on Steam. But the long wait for the full game isn’t lasting much longer, as Frontier recently announced we can expect a full release coming in November.

Planet Coaster has been on full display during the Gamescom Expo. Below is a video playlist that goes through a tour of all the features they showcased for the game. You can see how ride entrances are set up, the variations in structural supports, “Flexi Building”, how the game’s water works, and even a peek at the staff members of the park doing their daily duties.

They have more reveals, news, and discussion coverage in store for Saturday, so anyone who’s interested in that should check in on them around 12:00 CEST, 13:00 CEST and 16:00 CEST.

Planet Coaster comes out on November 17th for PC. The website, Twitter, and Facebook for the game are bustling with activity in the meantime though, so check those out if you want to learn more.